Magura HC1 Hydraulic Clutch Kit 401 Vitpilen/Svartpilen


Magura HC1 Hydraulic Clutch Kit Vitpilen/Svartpilen 401

If your own requirements in driving dynamics, safety and comfort are more demanding and you want to make a good bike even better, then it’s time for the new HC1 from Magura. The decision to optimize your Duke or Vitpilen is made easy by this compactly-designed radial fitment.


  • Up to 25% less clutch pull
  • No maintenance and self adjusting
  • Smooth hydraulic feel with clear and consistent pressure point
  • Operates on mineral oil which doesn’t draw moisture and won’t harm paint or finish
  • Forged break-away lever blade with reach adjust is ready to mount
  • Clutch safety switch included

HC1 Features

70° Radial Designs
Pushrod and cylinder at 70° angle to handlebar results in decreased friction and more direct brake feeling for improved control.

Advanced Secondary Seal Technology
The rear piston seal has been specially designed to prevent the introduction of air through secondary seal ingress. The advanced X-Ring seal design will reduce or eliminate this problem common on racing motorcycles at higher RPM.

Reservoir Mount
The master cylinder is supplied with an external reservoir and mounting bracket designed to use minimum space and with smoked glass to optically determine the level and condition of the brake fluid at all times.

Husqvarna 401 Vitpilen
Husqvarna 401 Svartpilen

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Weight 1.89 lbs

Clear, Light Smoke, Dark Smoke, Black


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