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    so the bike was ready for some trackdays.

    really liked it, took it a bit easy as it was the first time on that track so needed to get some markers in my head.
    Was a really bad organisation ( too many fast people, i wouldn’t mind.. but dont ride your pani v4rs in the slow group then )  but i made the best of it.
    Just a pointer if you’r going on a…[Read more]

  • Hey all,

    Here’s my build
    Not completely finished yet but it’s rideable

    I bought the bike new and changed the braking system to a Beringer setup, i was not sure about the bike yet so did not purchased the disc yet but changed the pump & caliper, disc is just a Motomaster brake disc but that is suitable for now.

    rode it like that for a bit but…[Read more]

  • if it dribbles like a ball this means the rebound is not correct..that is not how the suspension should be.
    Something is broken inside then.

    its an easy system, so its strange that your suspension GURU doesnt know this.
    rebuilding it costs like 250 euro’s and thats with all new seals and oil at a shop.

    i would like to see a video of your bike…[Read more]

  • if your suspension specialist says stuff like ” in 20 years ive never seen suspension this bad. Im amazed they would sell a bike like this from the factory, im scared for you ”

    You should stay away from that place.

    Set the preload softer on the rear.
    thats about all you can do, but it shouldn’t feel that bad, is there any dampning or the reb…[Read more]

  • just got my brakes changed, tbh ..standard setup was pretty good but i prefer the feel of the beringer master cylinder.
    its just the front fork that is waaaayy to soft …maybe sort it out over to winter and see if there is an fully adjustable cartridge that fits ..

    Will contact Beringer over the winter to get my front disc also sorted

    This was…[Read more]

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