• And yeah, the trimmer recall is pretty funny.  My 701 has never leaked a drop.  I don’t run ethanol.  I’m not sure that’s the issue but a plastic tank and ethanol is just a bad idea.

  • Hey Topendyankee.  I got mine in Perth from WestCoast.  They told me last week they would have the parts from Husky some time in June.

    By the way.  I’m considering a move to Darwin.  I need to say something about the rate I want. Are things expensive there?  And, are there areas I should maybe prefer or avoid when I arrive and look for a mote…[Read more]

  • Mine hasn’t leaked at all.  I got the recall letter a couple of weeks ago.  The dealer tells me that around end June they expect it to be fixed. Husqvarna are sending the parts to Aus.  In some countries its already been done.

  • Hey Jodie.  I have one in Perth.  So far its been great.  Other than the leak, which looks like it’ll be fix in June, so the dealer tells me.  Mine has never leaked but I’m still getting the fix done.  Other than some cosmetics the only change I’ve made is the gearing, because mine doesn’t spend much time on a track or the wide open road.   I th…[Read more]

  • I like riding mine.  And the leak will soon be fixed I hope.  But I have to agree.  After years on working on MX bikes.  Its an absolute pain in the arse.  No thought from the designer about maintenance at all.  But I’m getting through that.  I’ll put a different chain on mine too.  Despite going up in the back and down in the front sprocke…[Read more]

  • Where can I get a rear axle spindle for an Husqvarna Vitpilen 701?

    Not the spindle with an axle block fitted to it, just the spindle.  I will pay more for just the spindle than for the spindle/axle block part, if someone can get hold of one and has the tools (heat and vice) to take it apart for me.

    I live in a unit. I don’t even have anything…[Read more]

  • Thanks Nampus

  • I would like to go up a few teeth on the rear sprocket of my Vitpilen 701.  I’m looking to keep the same size front sprocket and shift the rear wheel forward a bit.

    Any advice on where I can get a good steel 44 to 46 tooth sprocket from?

    I’m in Aus, no doubt I’ll have to import as we only sell iron ore and don’t actually make anything out of…[Read more]

  • Apologies. Clearly there are a few typos – it should read – ‘I though I’d share a pic….’. Its just the image.  I maybe will share some more at some point, once its polished up.  Motogadget glassless mirrors and a few decals is about it at this point, aside from the tail tidy.  I’m looking forward to the end of the warranty period when I will do…[Read more]

  • acrylic tail tidyI thought Id a few pick of the tail tidy I’ve finally put together.  You’ll have to forgive that I haven’t polished the edges yet.  That has to wait until I’ve moved house and have a bench, with a grinder, with a buffing wheel attached.  The indicators are from Rizoma and are surprisingly bright.  The unit meets Australian compliance – ind…[Read more]

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    I’ve seen the db killer removed on other 701s if that helps. Its deep, I think in an effort stop it being removed.
    But you can trim it back with a Dremel tool and then just use a standard hole saw to cut it out.

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    The bike looks really good Swisspilen.  The original concept was a minimalist bike and much of whats available aftermarket is just not.  I like the solution for the number plate.  Unfortunately in Aus to meet compliance it must be seen from both sides, have a light and even include a reflector that has a regulation size.  I am almost done with a s…[Read more]

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    Do you run ethanol? Touch wood I haven’t had a leak yet on mine here in Aus.

  • 2020 gets spokes.  I’ve seen most pics of it as a solo bike.  Maybe they think they’ll sell more parts for conversion that way.

  • I found these were a bit stuck for initial removal too.  There isnt much to break and so I gave it a bit of force. I worked it on a off a few times and now its just snaps on.  It was very easy to stash the pillion strap out of the way too.


  • 2018 and 2019 models share the same KTM engine as does the 2020 with it’s heavier spoked wheels.  It’s already drfifting from Kiskas concept.  I’m glad I have an original.

  • Not sure if anyone else has answered yet.  I saw a question about Aus pricing.  I bought my Vit 701 in Perth for about $10.5k on the road.  RRP remained at about $18k but I think that was skimming the market that didn’t work out.  I’m told the 2020 that has spokes and no other real changes aside from the heavier wheels will be $15k Aud.  But we s…[Read more]

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