• So, Samson and MarcD were right. It is either the relay or solenoid. It wouldn’t start last night while trying to leave the bar. I tried pop starting it a few times to no avail. Finally I rigged up a cable using a lead from the battery tender and the hex wrench from the tool kit to bypass the relay and it fired right up! It reminded me of days of…[Read more]

  • Thanks MarcD,  I will have the garage look into the solenoid at its first service. As far as sitting, Not really. No more than a week for sure, probably more like 3-5 days.


  • So, same issue this weekend. But after a while it decided to start. Took it for a 60mi ride and it was flawless despite the check engine light being on. I didn’t dare turn it off during the ride, but when I got home I was able to kill it and then restart.

    I hate electric problems….

    I am looking for a way to read/clear the error codes myself.…[Read more]

  • While it is certainly good practice to own up to a fart, I prefer not to draw undue attention to it.

    I’ve taken to calling it a Husky, if any one asks past that I will use its full name.  My own personal nickname for it is Dark Helmet, My wife just bought a Vespa 300 super, She named hers Princess Vespa…

  • Well, not really. I brought it to the shop. They reset the obd and it started right up. I guess it locked out due to too many codes.

    I kept stalling, (The clutch engages really far out. On a side note I am interested in a fix for this.) Each time I stalled,  a stall code was written as well as a crankshaft position and I think another.

    Their…[Read more]

  • Thanks for all the input everyone, it is thoroughly appreciated! I will try to pop start it today, maybe through some sort of magic, the system will right itself….. Honestly though, there is no good reason for this. Just crappy parts and poor QC.

    I will be bringing this thing in this week, and will post the diagnosis. Thanks again!

  • Interesting about the battery. I did have it on the charger all night to no avail. I always figured if you had 12v you were good to go.  I’ve been flipping the kill switch on and off hoping it was the culprit but I think no, I get a message on the dash when the switch is off. I adjusted the clutch so there was about 3/16 freeplay hoping the…[Read more]

  • It is definitely in neutral. I also tried putting it in first and trying it that way. The kickstand warning goes away when I put the stand up, so I can only imagine it is operating as it should.  I will try topping off the gas to see if that works…. Anything else to try?


  • Just bought a Svartpilen 401. Under 200mi, and  I am loving it! However, Today the check engine light went on and  after parking it simply would not start. After switching the key on, all the lights illuminated as normal and the fuel pump switched on as it should. After pressing the start button, I heard a relay click and that’s it. The starter d…[Read more]

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