• I tried the boosterplug and the rapidBike easy together which richened things up in open and closed loop but now i’ve gone back to just the RBE as I mainly wanted to reduce the sudden transition from lean to rich when you open the throttle, along with the loss of torque when settling at cruising revs.

    Cheap option is just unplug the 02 if you can…[Read more]

  • I might have gone for the Svart if it wasn’t £1500 more at the time thanks to closeouts haha, was £4000 for this one. Never tried a proper sportbike and thought it might let me tuck away from the wind, sit up and beg feels like a vicars bicycle to me.

    Also I’m over 6 foot tall so need as much reach to the bars as possible, have been thinking a…[Read more]

  • That thing looks about the size of an actual fly haha.

  • I wouldn’t bother with the Roadlok, got a duke 390 one half price off Ebay but took it off after it seized with the plastic dummy pin inside; had it been the actual disc locking pin I could have been stranded.

    £300 full price would have been way overpriced had it worked anyway, more hassle to lock than just carrying a normal disclock or long…[Read more]

  • Hi,

    Just joined the forum, had the little ‘pilen for a bit over half a year, just passed the 4000 mile mark.

    I’m a tinkerer so of course have had some mod in the post as soon as the previous bit has gone on. Pulling the luggage etc off for each service does remind me of the minimalist beaty of the stock bike but UK year round commuting takes…[Read more]

  • This bike runs tubes inside tubeless tyres due to the spoked wheels so if your stem is leaking you have a puncture in the tube of some kind. I have used sealant in my rear tube which worked well but I imagine the official line would be get a new tube fitted.

    I also bought some little external rubber tube valve seals sold for dirtbikes to slow any…[Read more]

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