• Thank you all.  I am actually leaning toward the Akra or Arrow.  Still waiting on the weather to break and some rain to clean the roads before she comes home.  Ride safe all.

    Still interested in opinions on this……….


  • Good day all!

    Just bought my 2020 Blue Vit yesterday.  Still cold & snowy here so I have some time for researching some accessories.  I decided to go with the Bad Winners De-CAT link pipe and bracket set up (I want to retain the belly panels).  Ordered yesterday.  Now, I have to settle on the slip-on to complete the package. At the moment I hav…[Read more]

  • FWIW, I had a lightly massaged ‘09 690 Duke.  Went down 1 front, up 3 rear.  It was fun for acceleration (or maybe on a real short, twisty track).  It was also laboring to be shifting so often and the increased buzz.  Went back to the OEM front and I was happy.  Granted, it was a different, less powerful, more buzzy engine, but I’ll pick down 1 O…[Read more]

  • Well, it hasn’t been without challenges.  Motorcycles, baseball, martial arts, and other common interests help.  He woke up with a sinus issue he’s been nursing and needed to skip the shooting we had planned afterwards (plus study for a big test).  So, I took my daughter (motorcycles, martial arts, horses, etc).  We had a great day.  Now just wai…[Read more]

  • Wow.  That look’s awesome.  Like an OEM accessory.  If you can, please post some pics from a distance with the whole bike in it.  I think I would like to do something like that with mine (but with blue).

  • He’s 17 and has been riding since 4 1/2.  Started him on the street at 16 with a 390 Duke and an intercom between us.  We spent a lot of miles together teaching him how to be safe on the road.  The kid was like a sponge.  He graduated to a ‘17 Ninja 650 after a year.  He rides like someone in their late 20’s now.  Smart, safe.  I wanted somet…[Read more]

  • ……picking up my 2020 Blue 701 Vitpilen next week with my son (17 yrs old, ‘17 Ninja 650).  Can’t wait for the weather to break.  I own an ‘18 701 SM and know what I’m getting into. Great bike and engineering (Husqvarna/KTM did their job).  I have some plans for performance/comfort/looks mods.  Nothing to0 drastic.  Just really excited and…[Read more]

  • If you ever decide to sell these, please let me know.  This would complete my project with my 2020 701 Vitpilen in Husqvarna Blue.  I’ve owned 35+ bikes in my 50+ years of riding and this is my most exciting and pure project.  I’m 56 with shoulder and hip problems, but I still love to rip and the light weight & pure nature of my new Vitpil…[Read more]

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