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    This morning the Engine malfunction light came on (yellow). The manual says “The OBD has detected an error in the vehicle electron- ics. Come safely to a halt, and contact an authorized Husqvarna Motorcycles workshop”

    Any similar experiences??



    I have had the same issue. I drove into town and on the way back, the engine malfunction light came on.

    Service was done recently and I have driven approx. 500-600 km since then.

    Did you figure out the issue?


    I’ve had several yellow lights when riding around.

    Sometimes the bike says “TC failure” when I switch of the ignition and the TC and ABS lights flicker sometimes.

    I’ve tried the rear break on open road. ABS seems to work.
    Had a service today but nothing was recognized when the bike was checked.

    As I’m not used to have traction control or ABS this is no real issue to me. (AND: Yellow lights do not mean that you have to stop… 😉 )

    I don’t like to have electronics on bikes but I will keep this in mind and have a look at it.
    Hopefully the Workshop will find the issue soon.

    Any hint about what’s going wrong with my bike?

    AvatarWeißer Pfeil

    I turn my abs and traction control off before every ride thats more than a few hundred feet, It is incredibly annoying to do but its better than the computer stopping me any time I touch the throttle or breathe on the breaks


    Hi Eratosthenes – Did you managed to find the cause for your Malfunction error yellow light?

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