Would you be interested in Carbon fiber parts for your Vit?

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    I am exploring a business partnership with an existing carbon fiber company here in Canada that produces parts to order for Porsche and Audi.

    I was considering breaking down my Vitpilen 401 and making molds so we can then sell Carbon parts to other owners globally.

    I wanted to make this post to gauge interest here on the forum, and get an idea of what parts would be most popular. If this is something you would be interested in please comment below with that parts would be most desirable.

    We can possibly start with some group buy discounts too 😉

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    I’d be keen as on some bits, price will be the big factor for me. I had been thinking about making my own moulds for a carbon rear Mud guard, black sides pieces of the front fender, and maybe even as far as the black rear body panels.

    If you had something available to save all the trouble, I’d be happy to pay a fair price👌


    Could you make a replacement carbon end cap for the stock exhaust muffler? To replace the bit at the end that is rivetted on. This part also has the dB killer welded to it. Your replacement end cap could do away with the dB killer and enlarge the diameter of the exhaust opening to match the internal diameter of the central perforated pipe that runs through the centre of the inside of the silencer body. Thus not only are you improving the look of the stock exhaust, but also making the bike sound better. You’d need to include replacement blind pop rivets to replace those that need to be drilled out to remove the original end cap.


    Speaking of enlarging the diameter, I was googling around and stumbled across the evotech license plate holder.

    In picture you need to look at the exhaust which is definitely looks like a modded stock pipe with larger diameter opening.

    Back to the topic, a carbon replacement for the radiator side covers would be pretty decent, especially 8f they added some improvements to looks or impact absorption, etc.

    Somethin like that could be shared with all 401s I would think


    I’d be interested, for sure. Lots of fitament differences from 2019 and earlier vs 2020 fyi, including pretty much any body piece except the front fender.

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    Man I will send you my front mud guard right now off of my 701 svart and buy 2 of them if you ever made them 😂 I know its not the 401 like you’re talking about but man I’ve been wanting something for the 701 svart


    Maybe you can make something tasteful for the gauge, that way it will fit all of the 401, 701 and all of these smaller bikes they are releasing this year. Being that its a sore spot for these bikes I feel like it would sell well if done correctly


    Oh that’s a good idea!

    I have one of these on order but a cf option would be rad. https://wunderkind-custom.com/en/motorcycle-accessories-shop-details/1/test/286/cover-speedometer


    If the quality is solid, I’d be interested in almost anything.

    Avatar1967 R50-2

    In short: Possibly. I would be interested in:

    1. CF replacements for the 2020 body panels.

    2. A CF replacement for the rear hugger/license plate holder. The entire assembly. This alone would probably save 10lbs, but I’m sure the cost would be astronomical, and the same effect could be achieved by…

    3. …A CF copy of the 2020 husqvarna tail tidy. Not an aftermarket tidy. The Husky tail tidy is the best looking in my op and has ample clearance… no issues with the rear tire smashing the plate. It is the one that should be emulated.

    4.  Heel guards that match the stock aluminum piece.


    Ok well, if enough people want to get together and work out a pre order i can have anything of thee the 2018 platform made right now. We need 8 people minimum for a group buy.

    hit me up if you’re interested guys!

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