without airfilter cover / who did that?

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    Hello All,

    i have heard many voices regarding riding without airfilter cover.

    I wants to ask how many of you guys have this done with how many kilometre?

    Because i have just buyed a new Vitpilen 701 and i will be 100% shure that this works without problems.

    Thank you very much guys or girls 🙂





    I ride without the airfilter cover almost from when I bought the bike.

    It rides perfectly fine, it affects only the sound of the intake and according to dyno it brings a bit of low/mid range torque.

    The cover is factory made to be taken of!


    ok thanks how many kilometers did you drive estimated without cover?


    Without filter or without the lid? the noise is better?


    Without Filter better note 🙈


    As described in the other thread, I ride without too. I did it shortly before it got too cold to ride, so I only rode a few hundred kilometers.

    No noticeable negative effects.

    I completely agree with izibizi. The cover does not hold the filter in place and it’s still perfectly in place after removing the cover. It really looks like this is how it’s meant to be and the engineers designed the lid to comply with noise regulations and still make it easy for us to let our Huskies breathe freely.


    ok thank you guys! 🙂


    I rode for a while without the cover, and then put it back when I installed a DNA filter. No lid does offer a little more power in the lower RPM range than with it on and the OEM air filter installed. I really didn’t notice any greater induction noise, but I have a decat link pipe so my bike is slightly louder than stock.


    There are a couple comments about it and a youtube link with dyno charts about it in this thread:

    coober ecu review


    I have a coober ECU installed and both I and another forum poster talked to one of the techs at coober (very nice and informative guy) who recommends not pulling the air filter lid, as the bike already runs lean and he said it’s proven that it will damage (cook) the cylinders over time. I asked how long it takes for damage to start occurring and he said pretty much immediately.


    I did it anyway. My bike didn’t blow up. But the DNA filter with lid on feels almost the same and I imagine is a wee bit safer in the long run.


    ok thank you – but sorry Guys you changed your ecu but you are afried to ride without the lid?

    i think its a match more bigger change to change the ecu.

    I dont no really! 🙂

    But the only company how said “please dont do it” is the coober because of course they wants to sell their own solution i think….

    many guys ride without the lid and without problems….

    but nobody can confirm really problems without the lid.


    Christopher Lee

    How is the cover removed?


    really easy just 4 screws


    Hey Guys,

    I was reading all the post above, and what the hell is everybody talking about?

    Pure tech: the air filter makes sure that dust or other particles doesn’t get into the system. The combination of air and gasoline must be as pure possible to be sprayed in the cylinder. If dust or particles gets into the cylinder the moving piston can cause damage or if its as big as a stone a total jam.

    Now: for the Husq: the air filter is made out of a paper harmonica. This paper harmonica is present under the seat and extra covered with a plastic shield to guarantee the paper filter gets not damaged. In this position its unlikely that a hard object like a stone gets into or trough the harmonica (even without plastic cover) because the seat and the bike itself blocks the way. If you can guarantee that the paper filter stays in place and the connection with the carburetor is 100% sealed than you wont get problems (but the paper must stay undamaged).

    The reason everybody want to remove the cover is because they want the bike have more power… without the plastic cover its normal that the carburetor gets a bit more air sucked in because the whole surface from the air filter is free. It’s not so that a huge amount of air sucked in, the more power the bike gets. At some point to many air will do the opposite and the bike wile ride worse. It’s the search for the ideal combination that is important. For you guys that wants the bike get more power, change the stock paper air filter by a racing air filter that lets the air much more (but controlled and more ideal) in the carburetor:


    As I quote:

    The flow of this DNA filter is 40.94 % more than the Husqvarna stock foam filter!

    DNA replacement air filters are designed to increase horsepower and acceleration while providing excellent filtration. These filters are washable and reusable and are custom designed to fit into your existing factory air box. Their drop-in design means adding performance is simple.They offer bigger air-flow, with almost 99% filtering efficiency. It’s ideal for Husqvarna 401 .

    With this air filter you can place the plastic cover back as the air go-trough is huge (40% more than stock)!

    Please note: For the 390cc (375cc) recalibration (gasoline spray that is) is recommended for optimal performance. (but for you non tech guys: not obligated)

    For the Vitpilen 701 you can find the race filters also:


    I hope this helped you guys understand the process of an air filter. (100% seal + no paper damage = OK)

    ps: excuse my English 🙂


    So last few days I did some tests with and without filter cover. There is really difference in low revs where engine feel more live and better pulling. In high revs there is considerable more noise.


    If we change the filter to something like the below link don’t we get the same result and protect from dust ingress?


    I read in another thread here that the Vitpilen runs lean…(?)

    It does backfire on deceleration and like the poster in the other thread I also think it sounds cool, but would prefer that all the fuel is used and my (very basic) understanding of it is a little more air flow will improve combustion…(?)


    So either the filter cover removed, or a filter that breaths better may help this.

    Please let me know your thoughts, I’m wondering if it’s worth removing the cover/ replacing filter,  removing cat, etc…(But it’s my first nice bike so don’t know what I’m doing tbh…)


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