Wierd throttle response

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    Hi all

    I’m brand new to this forum and a recently new owner to a Vitpilen 701 2018.  I bought my bike with 500 miles on it and now have 1400 +-.  I also purchased a  2018 model year repair manual for the bike.  So here is my dilemma… I was on a ride recently and for no apparent reason the bike began running poorly.  By poorly I mean it had terrible throttle response.  More specifically if I were to roll the throttle on hard it would fall flat on its face almost like it was momentarily shutting off.   Also if I were to use any coasting or engine braking it would pop from the exhaust quite a bit more than normal.   Just so we are all on the same page this bike is stock except for a Two Brothers slip on pipe.

    A fellow rider on this day had his 690 ktm dual sport and said he had a similar issue and it was a plugged fuel filter.  So as we rode I started trying different things.  First I topped up the fuel tank, no change. Next I noticed if I were to very slowly ramp up the rpm the motor acted much more normally.   Popping never really went away.    So I was mildly convinced that I too had a plugged fuel filter.

    I ordered a replacement fuel pump and filter kit from Rottweiler Performance and while I was shopping went for their fuel dongle and O2 plug.  Today after changing the fuel pump and filter and installing the fuel dongle I took it for a test ride.  The throttle response was better but still not correct.  I was able to roll on the throttle more aggressively but at say 90% and more the bike just falls flat.  So my question is,

    One, has anyone else had this type of issue and if so what was the fix.

    Two, does anyone know how to test the throttle positioning sensor via a digital multimeter I assumeit’s basicallya potentiometer or reostat.   If the sensor does come up bad I thought someone said a new one would have to be coded to the ecu. Is that true?


    <p style=”text-align: right;”>Any ideas????????????</p>

    AvatarHouston husqvarna

    This is what I found in the manual


    Engine has too little power Air filter is very dirty – Remove the air filter.

    – Install the air filter.

    Fuel filter is very dirty – Check the fuel pressure.

    Error in the electronic fuel


    – Read out the fault memory using the

    Husqvarna Motorcycles diagnostics



    I had the throttle assembly replaced on mine under warranty.  The dealer had it ready, provided from Husqvarna before he examined the bike.  It is apparently a common problem.  I’d pulled out into traffic, turned the throttle and nothing.  Cars and trucks approaching.  Very dangerous.

    I bought the bike new and did the recalls on the leaking fuel tank and the rear axle nut working loose due to the rear plate holder.  In fact went for the OEM tail tidy instead.  No recall on the throttle though as far as I know but if it’s faulty it should be replaced under warranty.

    Great bike to ride.  I love mine and wont part with.  Especially as I don’t think the concept will be repeated.  But be prepared to give the warranty a workout.  Or spend some money to keep it on the road.


    Thank you NEO701 for the info.  I have brought it in to the dealer to see what they can do.   I have exhausted my skillset mostly due to the lack of information for repair that Husqvarna seems to hold dearly… I will keep you all posted as to the results.  BTW they say it’s “out of warranty ” 2018 bike with 1700 miles, crazy


    If you feel that the fuel filter change fixed some of the problem i would look at the injector aswell. If the filter is dirty it is going to end up in the injector at some time.


    you can clean these by removing it and backpressure it with som brakekleen. It Wont work as a permanent solution but is a good error check to do instead of buying a new one if it doesnt solve the issue since  They are quite pricy.

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