Where to store a rain jacket?

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    Hey folks,

    riding a bike in Northern Germany can be wet-ful.

    U start on a sunny morning, but in the afternoon, clouds densed, and a rain is gonna fall.

    KTM/Husqvarna is selling a wet prove bag, but where U gonna store this?  Below the seating?  wow…

    I took at least 3 months of investigating, buyed a tank-top (won’t work), because the “perfect one” so overpriced… 200 Euros for that small unit – funny joke, Austrians.

    Here in Hamburg the weather changes in a day – so I won’t leave home without being prepared.

    Who has a good idea how to carry a rain jacket on board?


    Well, being from Seattle I am quite familiar with your problem…..I wear a good Sidici leather riding jacket, and I carry a cheap polyester windbreaker that is bright yellow and mostly water/wind proof.  It folds into its chest pocket and weighs about 8 oz.  it works for me pretty well and gives me much better visibility in the crappy weather

    and it fits in my pocket

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    I live in Seattle like Marquezdl and my moto jacket happens to be water resistant. My sneaks  are too, as is my backpack. Do you wear protective gear? If not, just buy a protective jacket that’s water resistant/proof. If you already have gear then just get a pocket unfoldable one to slip over it. Just don’t store it under your seat, that sounds like a real pain in the ass to get out every time it rains.


    I swapped the pillion to the baggage carrier and strap down my Frog Toggs set to that. If I’m doing more than riding for the sake of being on my bike, I almost always have a backpack with me that can carry a real rain shell.

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