Where to buy a Svart 401 near Chicago?

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    Wabba Dooby

    I’m trying to get a line on a dealer or private sale of a Svartpilen 401 in Chicago, but can’t seem to find anyone nearby. The closest vendor, about 90 miles away, only has Svart 701s.

    Any advice?


    I searched around for you. Looks like your only option is a trip to Grand Rapids.


    It looks like you have no local Husky dealers. Will your local KTM dealers service the bike?


    I’m in Plainfield, IL and just bought my Svat 401 2 weeks ago at Rob’s Powersports in Johnson Creek WI when a customer of theirs couldn’t get financed.  So I lucked out…  Call and speak to Tom if you want to find out more about when their next shipment might arrive.  He was helpful on the phone and in person.

    Hall’s in Springfield should have one at the end of July according to the sales guy there, but they’ll want a deposit if it hasn’t already been spoken for.  I’m planning on going there for my first service on Sat Aug 1, actually.

    The local KTM dealer (MCC in Villa Park) can do basic service, but no manufacturer warranty work or reflashes, etc… according to their service dept.  They will do the aftermarket warranty work that I purchased when the 1st 2 years of the Husky warranty is up, though.

    Hope this helps!

    Wabba Dooby

    Thanks for the help, you two. I gave Rob’s a call but they seemed to only have the Svart 701s in. I’ll check in again and maybe see what Grand Rapids has to offer.

    Good call with the KTM dealer as well. I’ll bookmark them if I ever get into any trouble.


    I ordered my Vitpilen 401 from Halls in Springfield on June 18th. They are still telling me that it is coming soon, 45+ days in. I feel like these bikes are going to be pretty quick to sell for the price tag.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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