When is a power commander needed?

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    Planning to put on a decat pipe and slip on. Is a power commander neccessary? What kind of power difference have you guys seen running the stock ECU vs a tuned power commander?



    Bad winners posted on one of their youtube comments that their Performance Kit increased power and torque to “87,2 CH (85.97HP) at 8090 rpm and 8,6 mKg (84.34 Nm)at 6800 rpm”.

    Husqvarna posted power of 75HP (76.07 CH) and torque of 72Nm (7.34 mKg) on their website.

    I’m not too familiar with “CH” or “mKg” units and I used an online converter – please feel free to correct me as in the US we just use the ol’ Horse Power and Newton Meter units. Sometime ft-lbs but I digress…..

    This means a 14% increase in power and 17% increase in torque. Also gotta factor in the removal of the heavier cat-converter. More if you swap out the exhaust. nominal weight cut (but still a cut) in some of the part delete/removals.

    I’ll be installing mine soon when it arrives in the mail. Ordered 10 APR 22 and still has not shipped as of this post. I am East-Coast USA. I’ll test mine out and provide better feedback when able.

    Link to video where they posted this information. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w62-OJKDAPM

    Link to BW performance kit. https://www.badwinners.com/products/diy-701-vitpilen-performance-kit?variant=40864071942336

    The Performance kit includes:

    BW Bellypanel Bracket 701 Vitpilen

    BW Decat Pipe 701 Vitpilen

    Dynojet PowerCommander V with BW custom map

    EVAP / Canister Removal kit Vitpilen 701

    SAS Valve Eliminator kit for Husqvarna 701

    BW SAS Removal CNC plate

    O2 Sensor Eliminator

    K&N air filter

    CR-T Carbon or CR-T Titanium or GP70R (Optional)

    dB Killer



    So I checked out that Badwinners comment. I think that is a bit misleading, they definitely are not getting a 14% increase in peak horsepower (that would mean it would put down 80 hp at the wheels). Potentially they are getting 14% power increase in the midrange (which is about what anyone gets with an exhaust and a Rottweiler performance tuned Power Commander).


    Either way, their power package is a pretty dang good value! I think you will like it and feel the difference for sure!



    Speaking of…. I just ordered a PC5 and an arrow de-cat pipe.

    Also a 15t front sprocket

    and LED turn signals

    and bar end mirrors

    …. I think i have a problem



    Nice! I mean wouldn’t you rather just buy it all and get it all out of the way sooner so you can enjoy it longer?

    That’s how I always rationalize my motorcycle spending sprees haha



    Well PC5 and Arrow de-cat and front sprocket all installed. WHAT A DIFFERENCE.

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