When a bag designer meets the Svartpilen: custom tank bag for the Svartpilen

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    My profession is designing and making technical bags, so when I got my Svartpilen this year, inevitably I went and designed a bag for it. I saw the RF Welded bag offered by Husqvarna, but I wasn’t too keen on the big flap at the bottom and the required extra mounting piece. I thought to myself: why not utilize the existing tank rack on the Svartpilen? So here was my design. See video link: https://youtu.be/znNHUAExD6U

    ^^it utilizes a fabric flap at the front/underside of the bag which you use to hook onto the rack. and then you use the strap and metal hook, loop it through the tank rack, and tighten it down.

    It works awesome, and you can see the deployable flap in the video made of clear vinyl so you can stick your phone inside (up to an Iphone 12 with no case). The flap stays in place even at high speeds and windy roads, thanks to magnets holding it against the bag. The fabrics and zipper are waterproof.

    Why am I sharing this? Well, I am happy to share my design for any bag maker to copy. But also, I had to let go of my Svartpilen due to unforseen circumstances. But also, I had to let go of my Svartpilen due to unforseen circumstances, but I held on to the bag. I’m happy to offer this for sale to anyone of this forum if anyone’s interested. Just message me for details. Thanks for looking.


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Looks nice, very cool. You could post on the SP/VP 401/701 thread on advrider too, they’re all about this kind of thing I think:</p>


    Nicely done!


    Fantastic attachment system ! You should consider manufacturing more of them and sell them !

    Max Kool



    How much are you looking for it?


    Ah I already sold it.. but I was offering it for half the price of the Husqvarna factory bag. Thanks all for the compliments!


    That looks just great! By any chance are you planning on making more? Or would it be possible to get the blueprint? Thank you.


    When you say “bag maker” are you including amateur DIY bag makers? Because I’ve been recently learning to make bags (COVID quarantine projects!) and would love to try this out. It is probably beyond my current skill level but I don’t mind trying to make it anyway. . . If you would be able to share patterns and materials you used I would give this a go. Nice work!


    Great looking bag, pretty much the same design I would have come up with.

    Marsee, RKA and BMW made bags that mount the same way for a BMW rack bag, I forget which model it was. But it worked great on two of my other bike with a custom rack I built.

    Same thing, sleeve under the bag and two small straps to pull it tight.


    Oxford make a tail bag that can be tweaked to hook onto the stock luggage rack, I used a bungee with the end hooks cut off, made into a loop and knotted inside 

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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