What’s a decent price for the Vitpilen in 2022?

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    Hello everyone,
    I’ve been eyeing the VIT 701 for a while and finally have the budget to get one for this season. However I’m a bit lost in trying to understand what really is a “good” deal for this bike in 2022.

    For context, I live in Germany and below are the options I have on my radar so far:
    1. MY19 new from dealer for 8800 Euros

    2. MY19 with 3.5k Kms and tons of accessories for 7500 Euros

    3. MY19 with only 1k Kms for 7300 Euros, no extras

    As you can see, its quite spread and hard to tell. Do you guys have some insight on what’s a fair price to pay, and more importantly please also share any tips or things to lookout for before buying from private sellers!



    I got mine for 6500 with some scratches, it was fixed after the accident with 3.800 km.


    Don’t undervalue the factory warranty with a new machine. You will have the dealer backup if anything goes wrong and the goodwill of the dealer. Also lets you have the fun of deciding what extras you need rather than just accepting someone else’s choice. That Euro 8,800 is heavily discounted from the original inflated price and looks fair compared to its competitors.

    The mileage of all three is no concern. 3,500 kms is hardly run in and only the equivalent of one trip from Berlin to Rome and return staying off the main roads!

    Whatever you choose, you will just love the fun factor of this bike. Smiles from New Zealand!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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