Weird resistance in the clutch lever.

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    Does anyone feel a little kink when engaging the clutch? I can feel it in the lever on my bike, about 80% of the time, like a little mechanical resistance about half way in. It does not affect the function of the clutch, and it is only when depressing the lever, not releasing it.

    Anyone? Ideas?

    Thanks in advance.


    I don’t. Clutch bites real late, but apart from that it’s smooth.


    I don’t think this has anything to do with the clutch itself. I believe it is rooted in the linkage and hard for me to be descriptive about what is happening, but it feels like a kink or something that I feel in the lever when I’m disengaging the clutch. As though the cable is binding somewhere along the line.


    I have that also, don’t know what it is. Indeed it’s like a little obstruction somewhere halfway.

    Nothing strange to see otherwise.


    Had it on my first (stolen) Vitpilen and was wondering if there was anything wrong with the clutch lever or cable. When I got my second Vitpilen I found the same, so it must be a special feature of the 401s.


    An unsettling feeling when disengaging the clutch. Interesting to know that it’s not an anomaly.

    I hate to take it to the dealership where I bought it, they don’t inspire confidence, but it doesn’t feel right, as though something will eventually fail due to the friction.

    Thanks for the feedback.

    JT Irwin

    Mine did it. Made an adjustment and it went away. Mine was very slight however.


    Same feeling… but I’ve always have hydraulic clutch on my previous bikes. Dealer said it’s normal… it’s not a but it’s a feature! I’d ask dealer to look at it at the next annual service (next week)


    Got the same feeling, after investigation I’m wondering if this is not the clutch cable adjustment (bottom / engine cover side) being a bit loose and making it happen, I wonder if tightening it with a bolt on either side -rather than both bolts on one- wouldn’t fix the problem, see what I mean :

    This one seems to be fitted with a bolt securing it on each side :


    That one has both its bolts on the upper side (could cause the problem) :

    I’m unable to do it in the next few days but would be interesting for someone too try and report to the community whether or not that’s causing the issue


    If this is the same click (feeling) that I have when downshifting then it was explained to me as part of the slipper clutch set up.

    I was told on here that it is normal or certainly not unusual.

    When I take mine in for its first service I will ask the dealer!


    This does not happen on mine one hundred per cent of the time. It feels like the the cable is binding somewhere along the line, then releases. As Tomb said,  a ‘click’; on mine that almost describes it. In the end, it doesn’t feel right. I have a hard time thinking the circumstance with my bike is related to a properly functioning feature.  Someone else on this forum had their cable break.


    That was me. Clutch cable broke about 6-8 inches by the lever. Dealership replaced it for free and put the claim in with husky. Maybe there will be a fix for it in the future, but hopefully no one else has to have it break like mine did.

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