Ways to upgrade rear brake?

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    So the rear brake is rubbish on the Svartpilen…I am looking at ways to upgrade…

    I am going to grab some new pads…but has anyone done anything more drastic…such as calliper or master cylinder?



    Max KoolMax Kool

    I have no problems at all with the rear brake. It isn’t exactly powerful, but at least it doesn’t feel wooden like on some other bikes. Besides, how hard do people use the rear brake anyway?


    I don’t ride a 701 but I have no issue on the 401 and cannot imagine it has better brakes. Are you sure its not the ABS kicking in?  You could try disabling it to see if you can lock up the rear wheel.


    Interesting…good to hear from others who are happy 🙂

    How much do I use my rear brake…fair a bit actually…cutting through city streets and traffic I like to use it…in corners rear brake…I am not that guy that rocks up to traffic lights that you seeing the front diving as I am just grabbing a handful of front brake…

    My rear does feel wooden…there’s bugger all bite or modulation…I can get the ABS to kick…which is actually nice and smooth…but it just feels that there’s nothing there or I have to hit that peddle hard and get a lock up…

    Bikes only got 2,500km on the clock…might just start with a good bleed…will still try some pads before worrying about anything else…

    Cheers for the reply folks…


    My rear brake is also “bad” compaired with previous bikes. But i dont care so much. 95% frontbreaker


    Bleed and adjusted rear it’s a much better brake…will pads fairly soon as well…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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