Warranty Supported Aftermarket Parts/Tune?

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    I remember the day I picked up my 401 from the dealer, the bloke mentioned that Husqvarna have a strong supports for modifications to their bikes from recognised and sponsored vendors.

    I’m so new to the whole bike scene and I’m not sure of what A/M places are widely recognised that would likely support the big name bike companies apart from the obvious Akrapovic line. I imagine most people on this forum are still running on the factory warranty and I would like to put some tasteful mods onto my bike in the near future. Does anyone know of where I can find supported mods that won’t void the facotry warranty? For things such as:

    • Exhaust
    • ECU Tune
    • Lights
    • Air filter
    • Dash Cluster? (A bit farfetched)
    • Upgraded fuel tank

    Or anything else that is supported with warranty. Might be a long shot, but will warranty be voided with a cat delete?

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