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    I bought my sp401 recently and there’s about 6 months still on the 1 year unlimited mile warranty.

    1. I thought the standard factory warranty was 2 years?

    2. Can I bring it to any Husqvarna dealership or would it have to be the one the bike was purchased from by the original owner?

    I’m asking bc I have the fuel gauge issue where it doesn’t read full tank when I fill up and it changes dramatically while ride. I still have about 300 miles to go before the 1st scheduled maintenance and they reprogram the shift light.





    I don’t know where you live, but in the US, I believe the warranty is 2 years, and you can bring the bike to any Husqvarna dealer for warranty service.

    That said, that fuel gauge reading issue is pretty common and it’s really a design flaw. A few things to note:

    – You have to put the bike standing completely straight (off the kick stand) and fill all the way up to get full reading.

    – Fuel level sensor is mounted very off from the center so the reading can be off a lot of times.

    – Fuel level update takes 2 minutes to avoid jumping up and down (per Husqvarna’s explanation)

    I’m (on 701 but I believe same applies to 401) basically ignoring the fuel range reading completely. I fill up to the top while the bike is straight, calculate MPG at each filling the old fashioned way, and just use the trip meter and my riding style of the day to estimate the range.


    A word of warning about brimming the fuel tank with the bike vertical (off the kickstand). Some folks on here have found that if you do that, it risks blocking off the internal breather outlet and hence creating a vacuum or vapour lock in the fuel system as fuel is drawn out while riding but air cannot get in to equalise the atmospheric pressure. This may then cause the engine to cut out randomly while you are riding. Obviously this could be a bit dangerous, so I’d be cautious about brimming the tank.


    I also found brimming the tank then parking the bike causes it to leak fuel. Probably via the breather pipe as Vanessa mentions. I have stopped doing it, filling to the first auto shutoff of the pump, and no problems since.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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