Vitpilen vs Svartpilen my personal opinion

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    So I had to take my bike to the dealer for service and got a Svartpilen 701 as a loaner to get back to the office. First impression is that it looks smaller than the Vit, not sure why, maybe the high handlebars make the tank look smaller or something.. anyway that’s my first impression.

    The riding position is totally different and while riding it actually felt bigger than the Vit, weird given the above.. but I did feel like I was on HD or something similar.
    I have to say that it is more comfortable, by far. One of the few things I don’t like about my Vit is that my neck suffers a lot on longer rides (and the day after) but this is totally gone on the Svart. The sitting position is much more upright and the ergonomics work much better, no neck strain and not as much wind as I expected.
    But this comes at a cost, it’s still nimble, after all it’s still the same frame and engine, but it’s not as “fun” as the Vit. It’s hard to describe why I have this feeling but the Vit somehow encourages you to be a bit more aggressive and push the envelope (both in terms of ability and legality) while the Svart is content with cruising along.
    This may not always be a bad thing, and it will make for a more relaxed ride with fewer points on your silence at the end of it, but it will not be as thrilling as the one on a Vit.

    In short, the Svart is a great bike and it delivers tons of fun. It will get you there, and you will arrive with a smile on your face, and no pain in the neck.. but the Vit will get you there, with a pain in the neck, and even a bigger smile (given you don’t get pulled over by the Law)

    PS this is my personal opinion so please don’t shoot me if you disagree 😉





    Interesting.. i agree with you, the vitpilen make you want to drive fast (all the time), it’s hard to just cruise around on this bike. Maybe the riding position ? Never mind haha I like it. I don’t feel any pain any where riding the vit, maybe because I’m quiet tall (189cm/6,2″). I remember just the first month of owning the bike, pain on the wrist (and maybe neck aswell) then I get used to it.

    I got what you mean, about the handlebar, feel huge ! But I felt the Magura clutch system better on that one, smoother. (I believe it’s the same than the 701 supermoto).


    hi Maxence, I agree, the clutch is very nice on the Svart, smooth and better looking too 🙂

    I’m only 172cm so I’m shorter that’s why I have neck issues, I forgot to mention the wrist.. but as you said, one gets used to it and I have no plans to replace the Vit with the Svart 🙂

    I was planning to buy the ABM handlebar kit during the winter, but now I’m not sure any more. Would love to be able to test this on the road to see if it’s closer to Svart or Vit after the conversion… but given how few Vits there are on the road, and even fewer with the ABM kit fitted, the chances of that are on the level of winning the lottery..


    I’ve seen two vitpilen with straight handlebar (one with ABM kit and one custom made with ktm parts) these two are in my city.

    There is another detail on the svart; the front wheel is bigger : 18″. It feel also heavier.

    Where do you come from ?

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    Ah.. that I didn’t know, but you’re right that does explain the heavier bike feeling

    thanks for the update 🙂


    I’m in Oslo, Norway by the way


    If you want a slightly more upright riding position I’d look into this first before trying the abm conversion:

    Or this:

    It keeps the lines of the bike closer to the original design.

    And it’s cheaper and easier then the abm conversion.


    Thanks buddy!

    this looks to be a much easier solution to the “problem” 🙂



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