Vitpilen / Svartpilen 401 Spokes Wheels are lighter than alloy KTM 390 version

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    I have come with receipts to put this to bed, I am a bit gutted about this whole thing because I though I was receiving an upgrade in looks and performance by switching to alloy but to my surprised the Spoke wheel are actually significantly lighter.

    The 401 wheels are actually about 400g lighter due to light alloy wheel but you need to include the tube which weights about 640g

    surprisingly 401s front rotors are also lighter because of the larger inner diameter.




    The rear wheel weight is about 360g lighter, rear rotor for 401 and KTM are the same and interchangeable so they are not included in the comparison, it’s possible that sprocket holder of the 401 might be heavier but I doubt it will be much of a difference.

    so 401 spoke wheel have a total advantage of -763g  less weight over the alloy.


    Thanks for the write up, totally surprising results.


    Just as i suspected. Guess the 701 spoked vs alloy show the same?

    Is the innertube really necessary?

    Thanks for the investigation


    you can use tubeless kit from ebay but it’s a bit of faff and the tape can also get damaged during tyre change if you’re not careful then you need to reapply it.


    I have always known a spoked wheel to be a lighter. The trade off is no maintenance I guess.


    hello, anybody know where i can find the SVARTPILEN 401 Spoke Wheels?

    Max KoolMax Kool

    @Svepil “Just as i suspected. Guess the 701 spoked vs alloy show the same?”

    Nope the Vitpilen cast wheels are a little lighter, around 3lbs for the rear, and 2 for the front if I recall correctly.

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