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    The Vitpilen is a very good base for a light weight track bike.

    I start this topic so that everyone put his track and race pictures or mods of the bike (clip-ons, rear sets, shocks, fork cartridges, …).

    I begin tuning my Vit only in the next weeks and racing in few months.

    So it’s up to you to post here (Kev212, Buddah, Tori, …) !

    Thank you.


    Hi, I recently purchased a Vit 701 and I am planning on racing it on the East Coast. Haven’t decided on suspension or mods as of yet, so I will be paying attention to this thread.

    Max KoolMax Kool

    Following this. I’m not a track guy, but seriously interested as my backyard has some of the best canyon roads on the West Coast and I may run into the same things as track people do….(tires, ground clearance, suspension, brakes)

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    Very interesting topic.

    I’ve been on track last season and I’m looking forward for next season to come.

    It was great fun!

    I’m running on a stock vit!

    I wasn’t really happy about tires though. Do you guys run on the stock Battlax? If so, what tire pressure?




    As far as suspension upgrades go, Fast Bike Industries  just finished up the Andreani fork cartridge specs, their owner has a Vitpilen 701 so they spent extra time working out the specs. It is not going to be an off the shelf repackaged KTM cartridge. I should have the first set in the next week or two.

    Fast Bike also has Nitron rear shocks available(Nitron Rear Shocks), I went with the NTR R2 shock. They are also working with Nitron on a TVT 22mm cartridge setup but that wasn’t going to be available for a bit (not to mention I didn’t need anything more than the Andreani offers at the moment).

    If you give them call, talk to Burch and he can get you squared away.

    Attached are pics of where they mounted the reservoir for the rear shock. I’ll also update this thread with more pics etc when I get the parts in.


    Max KoolMax Kool

    For those needing more ground clearance, these pegs from Ebay are worth a try. I found them them to lift the pegs high enough to properly clear my boots from the blacktop in street riding.

    The shifter and brake lever left enough room to readjusted afterwards.


    I take delivery of my new-to-me 2019 next week. I race a Ducati 848 and may just have to take the Vit to the track for fun. Has anyone tried to convert the Vitpilen to GP shift? It appears the rocker on the shift shaft would just need to be reversed and the linkage lengthened.

    Max KoolMax Kool

    I read a post here from someone who did that. As far as I know you need to be a bit creative because the rod can get in the way of the rearset. Check out this thread.


    Have you installed the front suspension yet, if so how is it?

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