Vitpilen Gauges and Electronics Failed

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    On a day ride and my cluster went dead and the bike went into limp mode (really low power). I pulled over and turned the bike off. Turned it back on and it started fine but the gauge cluster was still blank. As well, the ABS, traction control, and headlight do not work. I do have functioning blinkers and brake light.

    I took it into the dealers and they’ve said that the cluster is fine. They tested it on another bike and it worked. They put a new cluster on my bike and it doesn’t work. They’ve also tried scanning the codes but they’re getting no response back from the bike. I talked to the service guy and he said he might have to get a new wire harness. I’m nervous that this is going to take forever to fix and I’ll get it back at the end of summer.

    Any ideas of what I can do besides be patient?

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