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    Hi everybody,

    Let me introduce my new vitpilen 2019 model just get at the end of confinement after having sold my 701 SM 2017.

    there’s a pretty equipment :

    – Complete titanium exhaust (including tailormade line big diameter 60 mm)

    – PC5

    – Dyno shifter

    – big carbon air intake (I made it – JERSEN)

    – 93 hp on bench

    – 155 kg with all fluids

    – 400 km – still I have to get smooth until the 1st 1K kms

    Coming from 701 SM, it’s really more handy in all the beautiful curvy roads around the backcountry.

    I will change the plate holder for a tail tidy, rims (KTM duke 4 from my 701 SM) that will be black painted and probably the sprocket (-1 tooth) to get something more racing according to the amazing engine.





    Nice job !
    I am considering to replace the decat by a full line just like yours without the muffler (already have the Akra) but doesn’t want to loose the look that give the two black parts under the belly. Since you seem to know how to make parts, don’t you have a solution for that ?

    And can you tell me if you lost torque after removing the decat ?





    Thanks Superfirmin

    I’ve already made a bcomposite belly pan for my vit.

    Need to be painted.

    I’ll post some pics.

    I can’t tell you about the torque as the bike is fully prepared with pc5 …🤷🏻‍♂️

    Max Kool

    So what changed are made to the engine’s internals to get 93hp? That’s an amazing number!


    Top! aussi curieux de savoir comment tu es arrivé a sortir 93cv du bloc!


    Yes I know – incredible

    the engine is full stock…. : just the titanium exhaust line, the KN filter, the big air intake AND the PC5

    –> settings on the bench without ignition advance, completely safe for the engine.

    81hp on rear wheel makes around 93hp engine


    après sachant que le bloc est donné (constructeur) à 75 hp full origine, avec tout le matos dessus, 93 hp c’est un beau chiffre mais ça reste dans la fourchette de ce qui peut se faire avec ce genre d’équipement….

    quand je fournis la cartographie moteur à mes clients pour leur moteur 990 KTM pour aller avec ma boite à air JERSEN, certains moteurs passent de 115hp à 134 hp. et ça juste en adaptant correctement boite à air/injection/échappement

    et toujours sans avance à l’allumage pour conserver la santé et la fiabilité du moteur

    donc je suis super content mais pratiquement je suis pas si surpris que ça 😉


    Very impressive!

    Why did you use a dynojet quickshifter when the bike comes with a quickshifter from the factory?


    I’ve bought with the dyno shifter from the pilot I did the composite parts.

    The Factory one you Can not adjust settings.

    The dyno one yes. And shifting is really much quickier than the Factory one.

    Max Kool

    You made great gains, but it’s not as dramatic as you suggest. A stock Vitpilen 701 produces around 70-75 hp at the real wheel (depending on which dyno you use).


    according to you own math a stock bike produces 84hp at the crank (which is theoretical anyway, I got no idea where your 15% loss comes from)


    Ok I understand.
    I am asking that because it is a known fact that on some bikes you can loose torque after removing the catalyser. Since I prefer torque over power, and even if I want to loose weight, I would prefer to be sure before decat the bike.

    Thank’s anyway and I can’t wait to see your solution to hide the belly pipe 😉


    as you also see in this video :

    the cutt-off time for up shifting is really shorter with the dyno shifter


    belly pan fab


    @ max kool

    No no, not at all

    when you have 75 hp at the rear wheel you have less at the crank due to losses given by chain, gearbox for the essential.


    @ superfirmin

    Yes I prefer torque as power too !

    but the fact here is that the titanium line is not the same diamter as the original (50 mm diam). le Titanium line is 60 mm diam which is very important for a single cylinder.

    see below the vitpilen bellypan

    I will show you the fabrication and installation later 😉

    Max Kool

    @jersen “when you have 75 hp at the rear wheel you have less at the crank due to losses given by chain, gearbox for the essential.”

    It doesn’t work like that. If you have 75hp at the rear wheel you have MORE at the crank. The rear wheel number is after all losses have been subtracted. But anyway, hp at the crank doesn’t matter, it’s what it puts down at the rear wheel.

    And 81hp is a nice number.

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