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    Hey all,

    Here’s my build
    Not completely finished yet but it’s rideable

    I bought the bike new and changed the braking system to a Beringer setup, i was not sure about the bike yet so did not purchased the disc yet but changed the pump & caliper, disc is just a Motomaster brake disc but that is suitable for now.

    rode it like that for a bit but it was missing something, installed the coober ecu & aibox but just stored it in the garage.

    played with some other bikes in the meantime.

    Was thinking about selling it but like that little thing too much..but some issues needed to be adressed.

    So let’s get on with it, started sourcing some parts.

    testfitted the exhaust & rearshock

    tthat was the rear end done, started at the front, took the legs out and brought them to my suspension guy

    Forks are getting the Misano upgrade kit

    and that went REALLY well, i’m glad its a drop in kit, took him like 5 minutes to fit !
    so put them legs back in the bike, as you can see i changed the tripple so i could install decent clip ons

    so thats front & rear done

    took a long time to get these but  hey they are just PORN

    so this is how she looked like with all the parts slapped together, still needed to adjust the subframe for the exhaust, change the rear brake pump lay out the rear set etc.

    so above is almost its final form, still some things to be done but hey, lets ride it first.

    Good things :
    -rear sets, the bike needed it, i liked it a bit higher so i’m better connected with the bike
    -brakes, heh..what more can i say…not sure if it still needs the beringer disc
    -engine with all mods done it really feels like a pocket racer, no oomph down low anymore ( lowered rear sprocket )
    -suspension, nice decent feedback and still got room for adjustability

    Bad things :

    engine, like stated it a bit track focused but nothing too bad, actually how cafe racers should be build,  performance oriented

    lets ride it for now, time to design & print some parts and rebuild in the winter  🙂


    Wow what a beautiful bike! All functional and tasty parts. Tyga makes some good stuff hey, the exhaust looks tremendous. I bet it sounds great too. (Had a Tyga exhaust on my grom, it was excellent).


    What rearsets are those?

    Congrats on a beautiful ride!


    so the bike was ready for some trackdays.

    really liked it, took it a bit easy as it was the first time on that track so needed to get some markers in my head.
    Was a really bad organisation ( too many fast people, i wouldn’t mind.. but dont ride your pani v4rs in the slow group then )  but i made the best of it.
    Just a pointer if you’r going on a track day, don’t go full out on the first sessions, the last session of the morning you might go to 70-80% of your riding skills.
    Cool down in the afternoon and start ramping up and moving your markers as the speed increases
    I know its very tempting to just bang on the track in the first 10 minutes, but i have seen guys not even finishing their first lap on their first session.

    Once i started pushing the last couple of sessions i noticed the back tire started stepping out and i was not even pushing to get my knee down, so my confident level was low on corner entries & exits.
    as you can see due to the size of the rim and the 150 tire, its nearly impossible to reach the edge of the tires.
    picture below was even on the morning session so the wear on the tire was not that bad
    (1.9 cold went to 2.1 hot, so i was really taking it easy on the tires )

    Had some S22 but they arrived a day too late, i chose the s22 due to the fact it is still a road bike so i didn’t want to go all out with more track focused tires.

    Good bits : feedback was great during whatever fase , braking, corner entry, exits.

    stopping power was awesome, had some bigger bikes trying to outbrake me but that ended in tears                          as he went to wide on corner entry and too eager on the gas in corner exit

    Bad bits : top speed, i really had to tuck it all in and even then i was still waiting on the power

    Braking, i should not square out the corners, i need to pick up more corner speed

    Corner entry i would like to have some more rear brake, i rather use the slipper clutch instead of the                       rear brake so i might consider a different slipper clutch where i can adjust the drag, it’s not bad now                       but it slips a bit too much, i dont mind if it dribbles and slips a bit on corner entry.

    So i know its a big write up but hey .. not allot of peeps here on the forum anyway so the few lost souls might need some reading 🙂


    dope build

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