Vitpilen ABM + Pro Taper Bars + More

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    Thought I’d post a few photos of my 2018 Vitpilen which I’ve had a couple of years. I  wanted to try something more road biased in ergonomics as I have owned a 2009 Duke 690. Two years on…. and I have given up with road based ergonomics, I much prefer the elbows out approach to motorcycling!

    • ABM Superbike kit
    • Pro Taper Evo Husqvarna bars
    • Shin Yo Aqula mirrors]
    • Wrapped front fender
    • Rear peg delete with home made exhaust hanger
    • Hacked down rear licence plate holder
    • 701 headlamp graphic
    • 2014 Duke rear hugger and chain guard

    The ABM kit isn’t cheap and without a workshop or garage I had to get it fitted. Apparently the fitting instructions are ‘interesting’ but my local Husqvarna dealer here did a great job. No hacking plastic, no lengthening wires just time and some rerouting to make it all fit. I always felt I needed to be in the mood to ride the bike but now it just so easy to ride it like a lunatic. This was a last ditch attempt to make it work before I sold it and got a 701 Supermoto but I’m super happy now. Its awesome.

    I always liked the concept 701 headlight so I made up this with some wrap from my local signwriter. Someones going to ask so. I just used this image. Removed the yellow in photoshop or similar, resized to fit and printed it out. Then used it to cut out the 701 on matt white vinyl. Then applied that to a pre-cut piece of black wrap. Then carefully stuck the lot into the headlight bar. You can’t actually remove the center part from the headlight so its a bit tricky. I also disconnected the headlamp so now I just have the halo. I’ll add a bicycle headlight for daytime riding. I never ride in the dark (too many animals here). Even with my worn out eyes its a pretty decent job, right up close its a 8/10 but from a meter away its pretty much perfect.

    The Pro Taper bars are branded Husqvarna which is a nice touch. They are 81cm wide (7cm wider that stock) with less bend than road bars. They are also the same internal size as stock so it was possible to use the standard bar ends.

    Hacked down rear end. I’m not a fan of these really but then I can’t find a better solution.

    The black bracket is for the incredibly small Husqvarna tank bag. The mirrors are cheap Chinese things but excellent quality, remove 90% of the vibrations of the originals and also have the same shape as the tank ovals. Home made exhaust bracket has a varnished plywood spacer.

    Looking forward to the next track day coming up in November and a few more days in the twisties before then.


    Those are the best mirrors I’ve seen on the Svartpilen. Are these the ones shipping from Germany?


    Those are the best mirrors I’ve seen on the Svartpilen. Are these the ones shipping from Germany?

    I got them from Rogue Motorcycles in Perth Australia but they were available from various places on the internet. I live in Australia so Rogue made sense from my perspective.


    That’s a really sweet bike, I love it!

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