Vitpilen 701 Leo Vince De-cat & Dynotune

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    So I took my Vitpilen in for a dyno run today; at the local shop in Horsham – Horsham Harley Davidson / KTM / Honda.

    *** This dyno was done with the Leo Vince de-cat pipe and slip on. I had initially planned today to be a stock pipe/cat test but I couldn’t resist putting the new pipes on as they showed up early in the mail on Monday.

    I was told over the phone by the dyno guy (Joel) that I’d be allowed in to watch. I got there and the owner said ‘no way’. Health and safety and the like. I was a bit disappointed but I still booked it in. I gave my phone to the guys and they at least captured a bit of footage of the run :

    Here is the power/torque graph. There is a blank spot in the middle, Joel said he did a few runs and still had the problem. There was an issue with the electrical signal from their sensor wire at certain RPM … apparently. I asked if he had this problem with any other bikes, and he said yes. Oh well. I joked that I might get a free dyno run now, since the graph isn’t complete.
    701 Dynotune
    I’m not sure why the dynograph doesn’t show bike RPM higher than 7 – 7.5k . . . he said he ran the bike out to about 9000 RPM (which you can see in the video if you zoom in on the screen).

    I had requested AFR’s, but was told it wasn’t possible because the grill over the end of the LV10 slip on prevented their sensor going down inside the pipe. The mesh end cap was riveted on to the Leo Vince, so I couldn’t easily remove it.

    They seemed to think that 65 horses at the wheel was about right for the rated power of the engine. Torque figures above are in ft-pounds.

    Riding the bike, I am not sure I can feel the difference between cat+stock pipe and the Leo Vince pipes. The bike certainly sounds more awesome, heh.

    The bike still does 200 easy enough.

    Do you experienced 690/701 guys have any thoughts for a noob like me? I’m only just learning about dyno tests and all that. I need recommendations on an improved air filter – there are a bunch available : K&N vs DNA etc?

    Should I chuck the stock pipe & cat back on and go in for another test? Should I try the bike with the stock pipe but with no cat? Once I’ve improved the air filter to an aftermarket model, maybe I should get this : to boost performance?

    So much to do, good times 🙂


    Nice. Get the coober, dyno and dial it in, and report back so I can see if it’s worth it 😉


    Too bad you couldn’t get an AFR reading, I am really curious to see what it is. I suspect it is pretty lean. I have the decat and pre-ordered the silencer on RevZilla. I am not sure it makes sense to install it until Dynojet has a power commander available for it. I would want to make the fuel/air ratio richer than what the stock ECU is putting out to really take advantage of the increased airflow, although losing all those pounds will be nice.

    Rob of Sweden

    Leo has dynocharts for all combinations.

    Stock muffler and decat is the best and very similar to stock. Maybe little more tourqe at 5000rpm.

    Worst is Leo slipon with decat.

    I think you have to remap the failing.

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