Vitpilen 701/ Duke 690 Exhaust Compatibility

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    Not sure if this has been discussed, wondering what Duke 690 silencers will fit the 701. As far as I can tell many of them look very similar, im not super excited about any of the options currently available for the 701.

    Side note, I recently bought a 690 Duke decat from Leo Vince that fit my Svart701 perfectly, the 690 decat was $40 less than the 701 but had all the same part numbers and looked identical.


    For the slip-ons, the upper mount location is different, so if the can has a sliding band clamp style mount and not a welded or riveted upper mount then you can adapt it.  But the other conflict is the peg/rear brake MC clearance since the pegs are much further set-back on the Pilens.   The other issue is suspension linkage clearance under the swing arm at full droop/extension.   Some larger diameter slip-ons will not clear.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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