Vitpilen 401 stolen in Germany

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    Encouraged by JohnnyLightning I´m going to post this here again (see my initial topic “German 401” in the gallery).

    My Vitpilen 401 has been stolen from my parking space in a condominium garage while I was on vacation between April 12th and 20th. It was stolen in the town of Dormagen, situated in the western part of Germany between the larger cities of Cologne and Dusseldorf.

    VIN: VBKUVJ404JM232967, German Reg. No.: GV-VP4

    Police and insurance company have been informed as well as the neighbors, Husqvarna dealership and social networks on the internet.

    Generally I don´t have any hope in having the bike recovered and getting it back since most bikes stolen in this part of Germany are over the Dutch border within an hour.

    A minimal hope goes into the recovery of some special parts of the bike which are:

    Yellow Jimmy Galactic headlight cover,
    Pillion seat cover,
    Short ShinYo mirrors,
    ABM customs speedo cover,
    Passenger footpegs removed incl. new exhaust holding arm,
    Metal covers for brake fluid reservoirs,
    R&G tail tidy

    Since the Vitpilens are pretty new to the market, those parts don´t show up in used condition normally by now. So whoever finds some suspicious parts for sale anywhere – reporting this to me is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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    Ya again @Pat, although most stolen vehicles end up parted-out in other countries, the good news is that our bikes are rather new, unique and distinctive so they remain somewhat identifiable. And although there’s a slim chance of its recovery, I still think it’s a good idea to get the word out on its theft…particularly within a user-based forum like this one.

    My theory is that many of us are constantly upgrading and modifying our rides so we’re actively online searching, and given the information you’ve provided there’s a chance someone may identify a component or more unique to you bike. Again, it may be a long-shot but you’ve got nothing to lose.

    It’s just too bad that law enforcement and insurance companies don’t put more emphasis on this…

    …Bike Thieves Should Be Executed!!!!!

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