Vitpilen 401 is knee scrapin' good.

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    Like most of you I had been impatiently waiting in anticipation for the 401 to make it to the showrooms. I’ve had the concept showbike as my computer backdrop for 2 years. How much can a man take? So my local dealer finally got a whiff from Husky that they were going to be shipping 401s soon so I put down my deposit and waited.

    So around the end of April the dealer calls me and tells me it’s shipping. No tracking info, no estimated arrival date because I guess that’s how Husky NA operates. They just show up.

    I get the call May 2nd that the crate showed up. It’s even more awesome than I hoped it would be. I spend way too much time feeling it up and miss the closing time at the bank by 5 minutes.

    8:45am I’m waiting for the bank to open.

    9:15am I’m at the dealer telling them to take my money already.

    11am I’m out on the backroads having a blast.

    It’s such a fun little bike. So light and nimble with enough power (41.16hp to the rear on the local dyno) to keep it interesting. Had I never had bought my 701 this would be the preferred bike out of everything in the garage:

    1098S Trackbike <—wants to kill me
    Monster S4R <—wants to kill me slightly less
    WR450F Supermoto


    Wait, you bought the 401 and the 701…?


    Yeah…. so when the dealer gave me the total out the door price on the 401 that’s what I had the cashiers check made for. They forgot about the $500 deposit I put down. So I picked the “let it ride” option and put it down on a 701 before the 401 left the dealer.

    When the 701 came in there was one guy on the waiting list ahead of me but he couldn’t get the financing together. Bummer for him, but great for me!

    401 is just such a damn good little bike. If you grew up on Honda 350-400F, Rd350-400s, and RZ350s it’s kinda like that. Just a pure motorcycling experience.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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