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    Does anyone knows how to lose the DP killer in the exhaust? I’ve been searching for a solution to make my bike a little bit louder but I’ve still haven’t found an answer…

    I prefer to keep the original exhaust because of the looks of it.


    Were you able to dissect your stock exhaust?


    Yes I did, I’ve drilled through the rivets en was possible to pull the exhaust apart.
    the next thing I did was to grind the DB-killer out (this one is welded tot the exhaust). when your careful enough you can only remove the weld en don’t damage the outer parts of the exhaust.

    the one problem I had was the inner wool… once the exhaust is dissected you won’t be able to put the wool back.

    the sound the exhaust makes isn’t that loud (you still have a major mid damper what will filter enough noise out).

    the other thing you can do is to buy a ackropovic from a KTM duk 390, they have the same engine and frame.


    The Akrapovic for the 401 Vitpilen/Svartpilen is expected to be released in the US around June 8. We’ll have this listed on our forum store very soon.

    Edit: Now listed in our store

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    yes, I have seen the muffler. In the Netherlands it is already available…
    The only problem I have with this one is that I don’t like the looks of it.

    It doesn’t look like a traditional exhaust form akrapovic…

    The best thing to do is change the whole exhaust, then the complete bike will be lighter and the performance improve.


    I’m waiting for SC Project to release something in the direction of their XSR700 systems. Love the raw and minimalistic approach.

    XSR700 SC Project

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    That SC exhaust is GORGEOUS


    Gorgeous indeed!


    Anyone ever get one of the ackropovic exhausts on? Wondering if its worth it. Could definitely use some more volume on my svart


    I’m curious as well, but 650€ seems really expensive for a slip-on.


    I opted for the cat delete, cheap and easy enough. The sound really improved, bike is lighter and look cleaner as well. Even a friend with an mt07 noticed how nice is the sound for a little single.


    I’ve deleted the cat and the inside of the last exhaust (only only still functional is the middle one).

    The sound is quiet loud wen you open the throttle and go to higher revs but wen you ride just normal the sound nice deep.

    It was quiet some work to get the exhaust how I wanted it (full stock looking but good sound).


    I’ve personally opted for the Akra. Not really louder but it gives a deeper tone to the bike. It’s still a bit muffled full throttle. I’m also gonna go for the cat delete to free up the sound a bit more without going no db-killer.

    IMO not exactly worth the 600€ asked for the Akra but the built quality is very gweeed. I’m also thinking resale value for the bike when the day arrives. I can’t speak for the other brands though, I almost went to the LV-10 from Leo Vince but the racy only use put me off.


    I work for a dealer southern california and we tested bunch of diferent pipes and they dont make more power only noise. I have done testing on my 2017 duke390 and my 401 for the past 7 months and cutting out the db killer only makes it stupid loud. The best and most safe and reliable set up is the competion werks mid pip with the coober ecu and leave the db kill in or you will kill bottom end power Its all plug and play. Your bike will run much cooler smoother and pic up some power.



    Great research on the pipes. Can u be specific on the mid pipe? Is that the cat delete or something different?

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