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    Scott Emm

    Hey Svarts,

    It seems like almost all of us are having issues with the bike shutting off when you blip down a gear.  It seems to be from 4th to 3rd the most but we have seen in 3rd to 2nd as well.  I can only assume you guys/girls are having the same issue ya?


    Hey fellow Svart, I have not had this issue so far (knock on wood). My Svart is euro spec and has little over 3000km.


    Havent had this issue yet and hopefully wont ever. Still in the break in period with US svart


    No issue here in the U.S. I just passed 1000kms on mine.


    This has happened to me on my svart a few times in ~800 miles and I was downshifting probably 4-3 (I was decelerating to probably around ~30mph). The first time it happened, I wondered if I’d stalled it somehow. At any rate, I was able to pull the clutch in and start the bike up again and continue on my way each time this happened. It hasn’t happened in a while so hopefully it doesn’t resurface but I do think about it in the back of my mind while I’m riding to look out for it and know what to do if it happens..

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    Have not had this issue. Im well past the break-in period on mine. Lets hope this is isolated!


    Hey Scott,

    No, this has not happened with me. But I am still in the break-in phase and maybe only 500 kilometres to date.

    Since you wrote this over a month ago, has anything changed? Has it stopped doing this?

    Although it may be isolated, it would be good to know what you have done if anything; and what the dealer has done, if anything to resolve.

    At what point did it start? During break-in or after or both?

    Any details you have may be of interest.



    About 2000 km on the Svart, and I have not experienced that yet.


    Have you talked with your Dealer? the bike has a 2year warranty.

    I have also seen this within the breakin period of 620 miles.




    It’s been a while since you posted, but have a look up there :


    Hop you find some useful infos.

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    Okay, so I had a clutch lever replacement that damaged my clutch sensor and all of a sudden this problem started. I had my clutch sensor replaced today and this issue seems to have disappeared.

    This definitely seems related to the clutch sensor, maybe check that out.




    nothing to report at 2000km for me, knock on wood.

    I had a little scare the other day when the engine cut of on the highway, but it was my hand knocking the power button by mistake.


    I had this same issue from the first 1000km to now. No one at the local dealership can explain what it is nor reenact the same scenario. It happens when down shifting and pulling throttle as well as just down shifting.


    It happens to me occasionally especially with the bike still cold. It mostly occurs when downshifting from 3rd to 2nd with a throttle blip. The bike chokes out and dies off.


    I have experienced this, however it seems that it is only from a blip of the throttle that is too small and quick. You can actually get the bike to die at a stop light if you blip the throttle in the “slack zone” of its movement, basically blipping the throttle with little range seems to kill the bike. Now I just give it a good fat blip on downshifts and have not had any issues (even when riding extremely aggressively).

    This problem CAN be related to the clutch position sensor too, take a look in the 390 duke forums and you will find that this issue is prevalent in motorcycles that have a defective clutch position sensor.

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