VIpilen 401 2019 Exhaust Question

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    Hey guys ! super relieved there is  a community for this bike…

    I have recently purchased a brand New Pilen 401 ’19 and absolutely love it !!

    well except the mirrors lol.

    but on another note has anyone found a way to modify the stock exhaust without changing it for a slip on ? i am really not a big fan of the aftermarket choices and love the stock muffler it comes with..

    does anyone have any advise for maybe removing dampeners in the muffler or removing something ?

    seen some questions like this for the 701 but don’t know if they are the same.


    I use the Competition Werkes cat delete found in the forum store. It’s by far the best way to go when retaining the OEM silencer.


    <p style=”text-align: right;”>Also keep on mind that some KTM 390 slip-on options fit the bike. I have an Arrow slip on from a Duke 390 as I felt it didnt look too out of place</p>

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    If you haven’t see this thread, some opinions there on the cat delete.

    Cat Delete/Exhaust Replacement

    From a cost perspective, the cat delete seems like the more viable option as I do like the look of the black exhaust on my Svartpilen 401.  I’m just looking for more sound without losing too much low end power with a cat delete or aftermarket exhaust…


    @Luwys007 if you want I’ll sell you my old one so you can experiment on it. I hated the look of the stock pipe and went with a Fresco ultra shorty.




    @stroem How was fitting that Ktm 390 slip on like ? pretty easy install ive noticed the KTM has a huge variety that look killer and sound pristine


    The strap fits much lower on the muffler than the other 401 that I saw with this exhaust. It was a bit fiddly to get it to fit due to the different exhaust bracket etc but it fits pretty good now. I would like to take like an inch out of the midpipe


    Does anyone have their aftermarket exhaust setup like @phishbed or another vitpelen aftermarket exhaust  and want to post sound clips(or link to vid ) for sound i think it would really help alot of people choose their slip on based on preference of sound !


    I have heard that you can drill out the rivets from the stock can end cap, remove the cap and cut off the dB killer inside and then re-attach the end cap with new rivets. I’d like to try this, but not 100% sure if this is actually possible?

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