Vanessa’s Svartpilen

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    Thanks everyone for the nice comments 🙂

    @doublure_bite, yes the cast rims are expensive, but as Husqvarna had dropped the price of the bike by £1600, I was able to afford the £600 cost of the rims.

    I have the Yamaha accessory heated grips on my MT-07 and they are OK, but don’t get as hot as the KTM heated grips on my 401. Also, my husband had a Honda CB650F with Honda’s own heated grips which did not get as hot as the KTM ones, but did feel similar in performance to the Yamaha ones. He also owned a Honda CB125F with Oxford aftermarket heated grips and these got insanely hot, actually too hot, but did have a larger diameter than any of the other grips I’ve mentioned.

    , thanks 😀     I hope they work for you too. They are also quite good value when compared to some of the more expensive bar-end mirrors I’ve seen recently.

    I too ended up using a backpack for my commute to work. I have the small Oxford products one, and find it very well made, fully waterproof and sealed well, comfortable and easy to use, and very cheap when compared to any Husqvarna bags. No wonder it won a magazine review of bike backpacks which I discovered while looking for a better luggage solution than the Husqvarna tail bag.

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    Great steer on the 390 mirrors, Vanessa! I’m just waiting for my Svartpilen bars to arrive for my Vitpilen hybrid, but even on the Vitpilen setup the 390 mirrors make a huge difference to what I can see. No more close-up views of my elbows!


    Nice work personalizing the bike for yourself.

    Alx BlancoAlx Blanco

    Simply Amaizing!!  thanx for the tips, specially the mirrors the OEM ones are…. well you know

    Now I got a lot things to think about..


    Thanks Vanessa for Rekluse recomendation!! My 401 it’s super comfortable now 😉

    Greetings from Chile!


    Hey Wolf! No problem, glad it worked out well for you. Rekluse clutch = FUN!

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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