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    AvatarXus Sánchez

    I just installed a phone charger on the handlebars next to my quadlock mounting.

    I used the Acc2 wires that switches on when the key is turned, behind the front light, connected into a transformer. I grinded the transformer ends to fit them in the original housing.



    Then I placed and it holds in place, no glue needed.


    And wired a female USB at the 5V 3A output. Custom case printed by a friend





    Why have not you decided to use the existing usb socket under the seat + long usb cable?


    I ran sae connectors off the battery for a trickle charger and a USB plugin

    AvatarXus Sánchez

    I used the accessories connectors behind the light because is much closer to the phone holder. I noticed both, Acc2 and usb socket under the seat shares the same fuse, so power comes from the same place.

    Does the usb socket charge phones up to 3A?



    The USB under the seat charged my Pixel 3 from 60% to 85% on a 45 minute ride I took this past weekend. I used a quality Anker cable and not some cheapo from Walmart. Cables do make some difference.

    It does a pretty good job!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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