Turned my vitpilen into a Svartpilen (full custom + pictures)

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    Hi everyone!

    So, i am back with new photo’s of my new Svartpilen. Actually it is a vitpilen, but i have ridden it for 4000 km’s and after modifying the bike twice (check out vitpilen 401 gallery custom built vitpilen (netherlands) i have decided it was time to move on.  The problem with my 401 vitpilen was that my back hurt after riding it longer than 20 minutes. That sucked, because i really love the bike. I was left with 2 options: either sell the bike and start from scratch or turn the bike into a scrambler/tracker kind of look and have a more comfortable riding position. I decided to mod the bike to make my ride more comfortable and i am very happy with the result. Here is a list of all the mods and changes that i have made together with my friend Arjan van den Boom from Ironwood Custom Motorcycles.

    – Hyeprpro rearshock (fully controllable)

    – Custom made triple clamp based on the vitpilen clamp in which we could fit the motogadget gauge.

    – I swapped the bronze fuelcap for the black one from the 701 svartpilen

    – Renthal bar with risers from my friend from Rebelmoto (check them out!)

    – New racing filter by DNA

    – Husqvarna tankpad (not truly happy with it, so i am working on something new)

    – Custom made licence plate holder with motogadget blaze pins.

    – Remus exhaust

    – New seat with perforated leather and gold stitching made by Miller Kustom Upholstery (based on the style seat).

    – New paintjob in Lamborghini Oro Elios

    – New wheels (available in Husqvarna shop) and Pirelli Scorpion tires

    – Radiatorcover in black

    – Grips by Motogadget

    – Blaze pins blinkers by Motogadget

    – Upgraded footpegs by Husqvarna

    – Upgraded levers by Husqvarna

    – Upgraded mirrors by Husqvarna

    – Upgraded CNC small parts by Husqvarna like brakefluid covers and oil cap cover.

    I get many questions about the Motogadget unit and if it was easy to install. And the second question i get is if i was able to make it work perfectly with the ECU. The asnwer to both questions is NO. Wiring on modern bikes is a pain. Mainly because there is so much software nowadays. As you can imagine i lost all the functions with text, but that doesnt matter to me. I have been riding old motorcycles for a long time and i don’t mis a message on my screen like ‘kill switch on’ or. ‘kickstand’. I managed to calibrate the Motogadget and learn it a few tricks. That means i have the following fucntions: speed, revs, fuel (measured in % and below 10% i get the message LOW FUEL), cooling temp, gear indicator and stuff like blinkers and lighting.

    If you have any questions, let me know guys! Curious what you think of my rebuild!

    Please don’t use my photos without my permission. Also check me out on Instagram @paul_vanml. 





    Paul van ML

    Max Kool

    Mooie brommert Paul!


    @paulvanml happy to see all those cool shots of the new build bike! I hope that your back is enjoying the more comfy riding position 🙂



    1. which Hyperpro suspension did you install on the bike? I can’t seem to find a kit meant for the 401..

    2. (you might have already guessed it) right, can we hear the Remus exhaust (ideally outside/Flybys)? 😀


    Wow, looks amazing, congrats!


    Hi Wenny! Thanks man, i will try to make that video tomorrow. Hopefully it will be dry, since weather sucks here in the Netherlands.


    Thanks man, appreciate it!


    @Wenny: The hyperpro is not a stock one, it was made custom for my bike 🙂 Had to leave the bike there for a week. However now when people want the same one they can just contact them and refer to mine (with a photo).


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>@paulvanml are you willing to reveal how much hyperpro is charging for such a custom suspension?</p>


    @paulvanml thanks for the soundcheck via IG  =)

    (btw did you have to remove the stock bar end inserts/internal thread when installing the bar end mirrors?
    i ran into a problem installing mine and already created a post which is still awaiting moderation.. hoping for some input)




    Hi BetterCallPaul, very nice your customization! Did you only drill hole on Vitlipen triple clamp based to installed risers and handle bar? Or reinforced with some bracket or welding under the triple clamp? Thanks.

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