Triple clamp surface discoloration (oxidation?)

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    Hello from a 1 day old Vitpilen owner!

    After wanting one of these for years, I finally pulled the trigger on a 2019 model. The condition of the bike seems excellent otherwise, but the triple clamp looks really strange. It has a blueish-greyish patchy discoloration.

    Any idea what it might be? Is it a known thing? Thanks.

    Kirkish Delight

    Looks like chemical damage, maybe the previous owner used something they shouldn’t have to clean it. Bit of a ball ache, but a respray should fix it.


    Congrats on the new bike, enjoy it!


    Couple of tips: make sure the tank and slave cylinder recalls have been done, and glue in the side stand magnet!


    Thanks for the reply!

    Yes, all 3 recalls have been done, although I haven’t heard about the side stand magnet issue, need to investigate.


    The gist of the side stand magnet issue is that the magnet is poorly secured and if (when) it falls out the bike thinks the side stand is down and won’t run.

    The easy fix is to remove it, clean the socket and magnet, and glue it back in with epoxy or JB well. Be sure to orient the magnet in the way it came out (there should be a red mark on one end) as the switch it operates is pole sensitive and it’s possible to install upside down. If you do that the switch is held open rather than closed.  DAMHIK.

    I don’t think there is a recall or service bulletin about this, but it has stranded more than a few owners. It’s a simple thing to correct and something you should do now before you get a nasty surprise.




    Hey, let me add my  congratulations on the Vitpilen. 2019 is the good year for this bike, too…and the recalls are all taken care of. Cool! Yes, the triple clamp discolor is not a known manufacturing error; looks like someone spilled something on it, maybe even some kind of blue car cleaner/wax that didn’t get wiped off. You should be looking at the road ahead of that anyway, so just try to  ignore the discolor. Glue on that magnet, keep the revs up, have fun with this motorcycle!


    Thanks for the magnet tip! It seems the previous owner was aware of the issue, because there is some tape wrapped around the magnet holder. Probably worth making sure it’s also glued in.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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