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    Section 59 Racing

    Hi guys,

    I’m new to the site and i thought i would show my little Vit off. Done a few little bit and bob’s to her, have a few more little bits planned too. I bought this bike for a silly reason and have now fallen in love with her. I bought her to tow my 650 BHP turbo Busa drag bike about. So many people use Grom’s but i could not bring myself to buy a Honda!

    Front ShotSide shoot

    This List of Mod’s done so far;

    • Short titanium levers
    • Genuine headlight protector
    • R&G radiator guard
    • Ibex’s sump guard
    • Genuine front master C&C cover
    • Svartpilen handlebar mod
    • Svartpilen end can with guard
    • R&G tail tidy
    • Rear grab rail delete
    • Titanium cotton reals

    The bits i’m doing soon;

    • Decat pipe
    • K&N air filter
    • ECU Reflash
    • Rear spring powder coated in yellow (any one know the colour code?)

    Here is also a couple of pictures from the end of last year that i love!

    Pompy towerGosport Bay

    What do you guys think?


    Nice to see a Vit in Portsmouth, mine’s being delivered today, can’t wait!


    Could you explain a bit more about “I bought her to tow my 650 BHP turbo Busa drag bike about.” What do you mean exactly? Pics? Video?

    As someone (probably famous) once said, I understand all those words, just not in that order…..


    I’ve never heard of a “tow bike” either, but maybe it’s synonymous with “pit bike”?  A smaller bike that is used to get around the pits at races as a small agile form of transportation back and forth, and you put in your trailer or truck.


    Looks like a fun excuse to get a cool bike.  Probably feels super agile compared to a long heavy ‘Busa!


    I have no idea how a motorbike can tow another motorbike.

    I do love that sump guard though, and the colour of it is fab too!

    Section 59 Racing

    @whitearrow22 I hope you enjoying your vit. see you about on it!

    it like @SpeedHoles said but with the adage of towing this stupid drag bike about!


    To save weight we have only a very small amount of cooling on them, so we have to tow them to the line and back from the top of the strip. I don’t have a picture of that but just think a rope connecting the pair of them!

    Plus @SpeedHoles  “Looks like a fun excuse to get a cool bike” 100% spot on! had to justify the third bike to the wife! lol

    Bike can tow allsorts, and your right about the colour, need to find the code for getting the spring done!


    Section 59 Racing

    So done some shopping and got these over the weekend.

    Try and get them on this week! Hope is going to sound and pull a bit better!



    Yes mate, I’m sure we’ll see each other about. I like the decat pipe, which one did you go for? I’ve got a Mivv one on the way but I don’t think it has the bracket in the middle. 😊

    Section 59 Racing

    @WhiteArrow22 I did a bit of looking about, found an KTM RC390 pipe would fit it. Bought one off ebay for £50 and it was perfect. Love the sound that it makes along side the K&N. Its given the bike a bit more pep!

    Ebay Item Number 303280381998


    It certainly does, love the sound from mine now, pops on the over run and everything!


    Can’t find Ebay Item Number 303280381998 guys. Do you have more info on this cat delete for $50 bucks?!?

    Section 59 Racing

    @sheadworx it look like that guy has run out now. This will do the job and it’s a bit cheaper..


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