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    Hi Guys,

    Does anyone know where we can download a list of torque pressure/lb specs for the entire bike?  Like diagrams with #’s maybe?

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    In the owners manual at the back it lists all the torque values for all the external fixings and fasteners, plus general torque settings for M4, 5, 6, etc… on the bike. There are no diagrams (there are in other sections of the manual) though, but I’ve still found it very useful and helpful.

    It doesn’t tell you how to strip and re-build the engine, but does give all torques for (for instance) removing and refitting the wheels.


    I have the original Husqvarna workshop manual for my 701, they sell one for the 401 as well:

    There should be a list of torque values in your owners manual as well. Chapter 23 in the manual is technical data. Starting on page 229.

    For part numbers I use a website like:

    You should be able to find anything you need there.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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