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    Has anyone found any top box racks for the Svartpilen 401 or has ideas whether it’s possible to have one built (for Givi)?  I very much like to consider the SP401 for my next bike but the lack of an rack option is a bummer. Also the pillion seat is rather short w/o any end-support which for my pillion might be an issue. Thus having an ability to add a rack (or maybe a short sissy bar) to the back would be nice (ideally not fixed but as and when needed)


    There seem to be some screws below the pillion seat (underside) for handle bars for the pillion. It might be possible to mount a rack there but I foresee some issues:

    1. Anything mounted there and protruding up after the pillion seat would obscure the rear lights

    2. A rack mounted under may not be very stable/strong and/or overload the points where it could be fixed?


    If anyone has contemplated /looked further into this (or even progressed with something) or knows whether it has in fact been done or is commercially available I’d be interested to know more


    I don’t know if you have ready access to the twisted throttle website ( They have a bike tail bag (13 litres capacity) that would probably work on the Svartpilen.

    That said, I contend these bikes will generate a huge demand in after-market stuff, but patience is necessary…


    I personally don’t like the idea of the top box. Just seems like it would clash with the overall style of the bike, so I opted for the Husky tank bag instead. I highly recommend that as a great addition to the bike.


    Any picture of the mounted tank bag to share ?


    I found this. Not sure if it would be strong enough to support a top box though.


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