Too many issues : Selling my 4Kkms & 5months old Svartpilen

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    Hi guys !

    If that info may help you, the ignition sensor failure shutting the engine was triggered by the revmatching in my case.

    Procedure for replicating the fault :
    Ride on 3rd gear, fully pull the clutch AND revmatch while downshifting to 2nd.

    Considering this procedure, the engine shut down every single time at the exact moment I rotated the gaz-handle, WHILE the clutch was pulled, so just half a second BEFORE I actually downshifted.

    Hoping this may help you. ~


    So there is no problem is you simply downshift and let the slipper clutch do its thing with no rev matching then?


    That makes for sloppy habits that can get you in trouble in a corner on when you switch to a bike with no slipper clutch… I have learned 😸


    I know many have had issues…I also had the bike stall about 3-4 times when very new, maybe 3-400 miles. It has not after my first service and I am at about 1300 miles right now. I did the cat delete and swapped the Vit tree for Svart and added pro taper bars. I have to say, this is the most fun I have ever had on 2 wheels. LOVE the single cylinder sound with no cat and really enjoy the ride. Hope all these issues get straightened out for everyone.


    Ive never heard of a full refund from any automotive or motorcycle dealer. Your best bet is to let them fix it then you sell it or trade it in. looks like the euro bikes have all the problems. Im a full Race mode and have rung the shiit out of this bike with no issues. Ride it Hard or Go Home!

    Max KoolMax Kool

    Here in the US we have the lemon law.

    A friend of mine recent had his Ducati lemoned after 18 months. Problem after problem, wouldn’t decently idle, cylinder head replaced, more problems. Ultimately Ducati bought the bike back. And because the first problem occurred 6 weeks in -a small oil leak-, that’s where the depreciation stopped. Got everything back incl accessories, close to 23k


    …keep the brakes clean, and mind that cable spec.    Thanks dood.  Good tips which I wouldn’t have thought mattered to much.


    My bike stalled only while engaging the clutch, so I can’t prove it was the bike’s fault, although I think it was.   It has not died while at idle or while downshift.  My svarti has the starting problem.   I will need to learn where the starter solenoid is and learn to short it out in order to get it to start when the starter button doesn’t work.

    like Darrell said above, ride it hard or go home.  Sometimes bikes do tend to like being ridden harder and will stay performing reliably doing so,  but they need to be engineered for the street and they need to be able to be ridden mildly too.   The svarti cannot do this.  It’s a problem with their suppliers of electronic bits.   They need to use suppliers with proven designs, and proven materials.   Why reinvent the wheel and use crap from suppliers who have not yet learned how to make things properly?   Oh yeah… cheaper retail price.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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