Too many issues : Selling my 4Kkms & 5months old Svartpilen

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    Hello there,

    French Svartpilen here, I just set up an appointment with my dealer for the ABS failure problem.
    The issue is that this is the third electronics’ problem I’m dealing with in 5 months since I got it (brand new at the time) :

    – Ignition sensor intermittent failure caused engine shutdowns

    – Starter relay simply burnt over, causing the bike not to start at all out of nowhere

    – And now the “CAN ABS FAILURE” appears from time to time

    I’m both saddened and frustrated since I got to LOVE this bike, but I don’t feel safe on it. First and since her first kilometers, the engine used to shutdown while downshifting (and thus with the bike still moving), which was particularly unsafe. This problem seems to be fixed as the ignition sensor was changed, hopefully for good, a few weeks ago.

    Second, how safe would you feel when the “ABS CAN FAILURE” pops up while riding under a heavy rain ? Yup, this was my problem no earlier than this morning.

    So, as far as I love it, I can’t stand a brand new bike that keeps having issues (my 1996’s 535 Virago never failed me in any way during my 2 first years of riding). I’m now preparing to demand a full refund or AT LEAST an equivalent exchange with another bike of my choice.

    I wish you all to avoid these issues and to safely enjoy your Pilens !

    Aerthyen out


    I bought one in October and already had issues:

    First week, the exhaust Husqvarna logo partially burned and fell off, then I had the engine die out of nowhere.

    Within the first month, the starter wouldn’t work and the whole module had to be replaced.

    Now, the ABS… ABS Failure message on the dashboard, with no apparent reason.

    This is a brand new bike, and it is very disappointing to have it on the shop so often, I imagined the quality control would be better, but sadly seems like the mentioned issues are pretty common on the bike. Had I known about all this, would have invested my money on a different motorcycle, the design is brilliant, but the motorcycle is only good as a commuting machine as you never know when it is going to fail on you. No matter how good care you take of it.

    I’ll update on this, since I’m not selling it or asking for a refund/change …yet.


    Sorry to hear. I am on the opposite end of things. I have 1000 miles/1600 KM and no problems.


    I’m nearing 10000 km on the Svart and I haven’t had a single issue other than the stupid ABS light. And the range indicator makes no sense.


    So sorry for you.

    please update us .



    So far I did 5800km on my svart, no issues so far, only now and then the bike will cut out when gearing down from 3rd,2nd and then 1st…… but it has a mind of its own, with the abs, i keep the breaks clean so that the abs can work 100%. Just realised that gearing the bike it struggles to find gear when i really open the heavens on it….. the cable was not adjusted right… factory specs should be around 1 – 3mm play, so far its running lovely


    Sometimes happens also an my svart that on the display shows “ABS CAN FAILURE”

    I talk with an Husqvarna expert and is a stupid error:  is only the difference from the number of revolution from the 2 wheels that do not allow to the ABS ECU to work properly

    I do 11.500km and no problem…


    Plop updating, just in case someone’s looking for info :


    I didn’t get my Svart back, didn’t want to, though. I demanded a full refund, since the bike always manifested some flaws. Husqvarna kind of gave me the finger by telling the dealer to “just fix the bike as many times as needed, as long as the bike is under warranty, but no refund, even partial”.
    My dealer was Husqvarna and Suzuki certified and had an exemplary reaction : they got the Svart back and gave me a brand new SV650 (2018) at no costs.

    Since I still see them from time to time, I got news frow the Svart and the few other -pilens they sold : the ABS failure cause was never formally identified, but the bike found a new owner and went to Paris. Got luck to him.

    A Vitpilen 701 they sold broke out, engine shut at 7km. Yup, you read it right. The clutch sensor died at 7km, shutting the engine down until it was replaced.
    The Vit401 had the same problem of shutdown at downshifting due to the ignition sensor failing randomly, etc.

    This atrocious reliability is scandalous, considering the price at which these bikes are sold.
    They look and feel stunning, but for fuck’s sake, what a scam.

    I’m crossing fingers, hoping that those of you ex-fellow owners don’t meet any issues.

    Drive safe, all of you


    1200kms and nothing bad to say for the moment with my lovely svartpilen. I hope it will keep on running well, cause a Loooove it.

    sv 650 seems to be a nice bike too, different but very good I think. Enjoy !


    Hi Guys,

    looking to get a Svart401 in the possible coming weeks. Anyone have any reason for me not to get one, seeing posts and issues like these has got me worried since there is only one authorised dealer near me and even that is an hour away from where I live.

    A common issue seems to be the bike dying/cutting out upon downshifting and slowing down. Does anyone have any idea on the types of fixes required and or possible issues?



    Hey friend,

    Actually, the Pilens are huge fun to ride, and as the engine seems pretty reliable, every single issues seen on these bikes are electronic : sensor X, sensor Y, captor Z, etc.
    I came to the conclusion that KTM/Husqvarna spent a lot in designing the Pilens then decided to spare as much money as possible regarding the electronic components, resulting in them failing, one after another.

    I’d suggest you talk with your dealer about these and if EVERYTHING can be changed under  warranty.
    Anyway, if you choose to go for a 401, may you enjoy it !

    AvatarWeißer Pfeil

    I have 6300 km on my 701 vitpilen and no problems to report.
    I only saw the can abs failure message once last weekend but I cant report on that since I 95% of the time ride with the abs off.


    Anyone have any reason for me not to get one, seeing posts and issues like these has got me worried since there is only one authorised dealer near me and even that is an hour away from where I live.

    Boxplot, to answer your question: I don’t see any reason for not getting one.

    I have no issues with it and most important, for me, the svartpilen is THE MOST FUN bike I have ever driven!

    It feels like a 50cc in handling but has the power of a 500cc!

    Just get it,

    it’s normal that people with problems post there frustrations on forums (I also would), but I think this is a small percentage on the total owners.




    Hi All,


    ended up pulling the trigger and getting one. It’s no rocket like my previous GSXR – 1000, but it will do. I have also faced issues with the engine cutting shortly not even after a week or two of owning it and have collected the bike today. They hadn’t found anything despite my claim and can’t seem to replicate the fault of the engine dying when simply pulling in the clutch lever and or downshifting.


    They said they’ve checked all the electrics and that they can’t replicate the fualt so I’m going to do my best to try cycle the gears to see if I can find any.


    Aside from that the bike seems to putter along just fine, fingers crossed it doesn’t occur again, however in the event that it does. I hope there is an actual “fix” or solution that they are going to have to come up with, rather than simply looking at the logs on the ecu (which they found nothing) and just visually inspecting the cables/connectors. Hate to become an unfriendly person as a result of this continually happening but if it persists I will seek to get a refund or replacement only because an fault like that can be fatal for myself.


    Fingers crossed.


    And i thought i was the only one who stall his engine by pulling the clutch and shift down the gears.

    They told me that i may not shift in the right way.

    What do they think, what kind of rider i’am? I’m not one of these Orlando Bloom wannabe hipster riders.


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