Throttle Control Assembly

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    Hey guys,

    I recently purchased some Rizoma handle bar grips. When installing the throttle side I quickly noticed that the adapters provided with the grips did not match the bikes throttle control. Out of curiosity (stupidity) I decided to disassemble the throttle control thinking that I may be able to make something work. Man was I wrong, after picking up all the bits and pieces that came flying out, I downloaded a diagram and reassembled the throttle control. The throttle tube rolls nicely but when I attempted to start the bike it didn’t crank. I then rolled the throttle and the bike started but a code appeared on the dash “TC Failure”. Upon a second start the bikes engine took off like I was giving it full gas. Obviously I screwed something up, maybe the placement of the smaller cog and spring? Any insight would be appreciated. Otherwise I’m looking at taking it to a dealer.


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