Three months of riding and modifying my Vit

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    I purchased my Vitpilen 401 back in July as my first motorcycle. Since then I have traveled 175 miles, broke down twice (voltage regulator was not plugged in from the factory), and dropped it once (while pushing it home from the first breakdown.)

    I have rear spools waiting to go on once I get the correct bolts as I was wrong assuming they would be the same as a Duke 390, and I also plan on replacing the turnsignals (I wish I could source European LED turnsignals) but the bike is basically how I want it.

    Mods are: OEM covers for both brake fluid reservoirs, OEM bar end mirrors, OEM rear peg delete, OEM pillion cover, OEM upgraded pegs, Arrow thunder exhaust from a 390 Duke, MNNTHBX tail tidy.


    Looks nice! Think I saw your bike on Reddit- looks awesome.


    Thanks. That pic was pre-tail tidy. I had to act quick on getting a tail tidy as the exhaust was heating up the turnsignal and I was afraid it would melt.



    I have used the KTM 390 spools on my bike and they fit perfectly. If like me you bought the set of 4 then if you look closely there are three that are pretty much identical and one that fits on the RHS of the front into the threaded hole in the bolt holding the front wheel.

    I made an initial mistake of taking one out of the pack and trying it in the rear, it was the smaller one for the front so didn’t fit! Also the rear ones are not bolted fully tight they spin a little but will still work.

    I then had a rethink and installed all four with no trouble.

    Just for info for anyone else!



    The spools are listed as M10x1.25 for the KTM, however the Husqvarna is M10x1.5

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