There's very little I'd change about the Vitpilen compared to other bike, but…


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    AvatarBrandon Black

    There were a few things in the original concept that I really liked.

    1. Blacked out exhaust pipes.
    2. No airbox. Exposed air filter.
    3. That rad little light up “701” in the headlight.
    4. Motogadget bar-end signals (have these on my BMW and love them, especially for lane-splitting).
    5. The instrument cluster (I’m slowing growing fond of the “yogurt lid” but still dislike the size of it)
    6. Exhaust sound (fixed already! 🛠).
    7. Metal tank, not that cheap-o plastic. Production model feels like a cheap Samsonite suitcase shell 😀

    Anyway… I say all this to ask a simple question. Most of the items on this list are pretty straight-forward, minor modifications for anyone who cares enough to do it. I’ll eventually work my way through this list, but that last item in particular is a bit of a doozy.

    I’m curious if anyone knows why KTM / Husqvarna went with the plastic body on the tank and other parts of the bike?

    Quite obviously there’s a price difference and manufacturing those parts out of aluminum would have been more complex. Additionally, I’m sure there’s the weight of the bike combined with that single cylinder to consider. But I’m curious if there were any other driving factors that anyone knows of?

    Like all my bikes, I plan on having my Vitpilen for many many years. Unfortunately though, I don’t see those crappy plastic body components lasting as I ride near daily on it and have already seen some surprising wear on those softer, more malleable parts of the bike.

    I’m not planning to do this anytime soon, but there’s a guy near me that does great metal working and he’s done a ton of work on my BMW. I’m considering having him build some custom parts for the Husqvarna as well but wanted know if anyone had an inside track on why the bike came with this in the first place?



    I found somewhat of a solution for your number 3

    Headlight “701”


    If you ever get that guy to make you a metal tank send some pics, I’d be really interested in something like that too!


    There are those parts from the concept that would have been amazing on the production, especially the exhaust hangar that was fully integrated. But overall I think we’re pretty lucky the production is as close as it is to the concept. Most bikes don’t wind up anywhere near the detail we got. I’m shocked they even kept the whole tank design, nevermind the material. The biggest issue, as always, is the lawyers. That’s why there’s different turn signals between Europe and the States. Why we have those stupid reflectors and warning stickers that everyone is going to take off the first chance they get. The air box, exhaust, probably half of the electrical system, are all there because of regulations everywhere the bike is sold. If there weren’t any of them, I’d be willing to bet they could have made the exact concept and it would have cost about the same as what we got. So at the end of the day, I’m really happy with the looks and design as is. Sure there are things I’ve changed, and more I will change, but it’s a great starting point. That all being said, the only thing I’d really wish they’d change is the functionality in the instrument cluster. Why do I have to select my trip meter every time I turn on the bike??!!!!! The screen setup I have on the gauge when I turn it off should be the one there when I turn it on, just like every other bike I’ve ever had!!!!

    Max KoolMax Kool

    I personally think they did an amazing job by keeping the production model so close to the prototype. Yes there are differences, but only if you look really close.


    I still remember when they initially introduced the Duke 790 prototype, and how the production model looks, especially the tail unit…. so watered down. 🙁


    I’m actually pretty glad the tank is not metal.  Dent that thing and it’d probably be a total loss by the insurance company!   And it adds a ton of weight up high on a bike that’s strongest stat is being lightweight.


    I don’t understand the old guy misnomer that still exists about plastics and composites being a low quality material?

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