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    hi guys, once again that supermoto mode has raised it head in my research of the svartpilen 401, on a 2018 reg bike how does it get activated on the dash? just looking on youtube and found nothing about it. on the net half the owners say it doesnt exist and some say its only on the new 2020 model, can anyone who is a legit husky boffin  clear it up for me. many thanks.


    Hi there isn’t any supermoto mode on the 2018 version, you can only turn the ABS off completely or leave it on. Supermoto mode generally implies that the ABS gets turned off only on the rear brake. To turn the ABS off (so both front and rear brake) switch the ignition on, don’t start the engine, push at the same time both the “Mode” button (top) and the unmarked button (bottom), a message “keep pressed” will pop up on the dashboard for a few seconds followed by another message “not legal”, which means the ABS has been successfully switched off. As simple as that. Beware, the ABS will automatically be turned on again every time you switch the ignition off and back on, but not if you only stall the engine and restart it.

    Porque BUBIPorque BUBI

    my understanding is that ABS is only turned off in the rear.


    I do ride ILLEGAL mode off road now and again but actually I have never used the front brake hard enough to check this out.


    by the way, the rear brake¬† sucks anyhow…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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