Tankbag for the Svartpilen 401 with rack mounted

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    FYI. In order to place the 2 metal plates you have to drill 4 holes in the plastic rack. The drill holes are indicated on the underside so it is easy and no errors can be made ….if done correctly…. The 3rd large metal plate is bolted on. See pictures.

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    Did those plates come with the factory bag? Do you have any pictures of the plates before the install? I am curious to see more of the bottom side of the plates that you need to drill into the plastic to mount.


    This should be part number 28012919044 tank bag. It was listed on official site some time ago, but I can’t find it there any more. But it is still available on some third party websites.

    28012919044 tank rack bag


    I would like to install a tankbag as well.

    Does anyone has experience with not original tankbags, that could be rack mounted?

    I found these and I am wondering if they could fit on the rack:



    Any ideas?



    I was able to use the Givi Easy T. Model # EA102B with some mods to the factory tank rack and the bag.

    GIVI Bag EA102B

    Bag Pic #2

    I made my own metal points for the bag magnets similar to the factory bag. I had to have them stick out a bit due to the GIVI bag being larger.

    On the GIVI bag, I cut off the straps and cut two of the magnet mounts. I moved one of the magments to the center of the bag to mate up to the metal at the back of the rack.

    Front Metal Foot

    Rear Metal Plate


    Hope this helps with some ideas on how to use an aftermarket bag.


    Hi, I bought this tank bag by Kappa (black color) : https://www.kappamoto.com/Bagagerie-souple/Reservoirs/RA315

    It fits nicely on the tank. I secured it with the 4 straps/ribbons the bag comes with, rather than the magnets (for obvious reasons on this bike). To fill up the tank I loosen the two front ones to be able to lift the whole bag in a vertical position. It would be better if it was a clip system, as it would be easier to grab the bag on the fly when doing a quick stop, so I’m thinking about fitting some clips on the straps/ribbons. The bag transforms into a backpack which is convenient. There are plenty of other straps and clips on the bag, so maybe there is another way to secure it to the rack, but for now I’ve used te recommended”safest” option.

    I’ll do some other pictures if someone is interested, as this one doesn’t show the bag much, but it’s the only one I have : 




    I received the same Husqvarna tank bag for my Svartpilen 401.  “Instructions” are to go to Husqvarna’s website for the install instructions.  I’m searching and searching and searching and cannot find any.

    Did you receive them?  Or do you have a link with the instructions?

    A bit frustrated right now…


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    No…I just had to sort it out myself. It is not so difficult and once fitted it is a nice addition to the bike.

    Just unbolt the rack. Drill 4 holes from the back to the front. You can see tiny round plastic ridges were to drill a these holes for the fixing of the 2 smaller metal plates. Screw on the 2 smaller plates and the larger plate on the lower section.

    I hope this helps….Husqvarna support and clarity on the accessories is minimal.


    Understood, thanks.  I’ll be giving it a go this weekend.


    BOO-YAH.  Found the instructions.


    Add the part number in the Clothing & Accessories Manuals section and search.



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