Tank bag puzzle for Svartpilen 401

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    Why does Husqvarna list 2 tank bags for the Svartpilen 401 but no dimensions or real info for either? No good photo views off the bike either.

    Why does each bag come with a different mounting plate?

    Why is there no bag available to fit the built-in tank rack?. It seems to be carefully designed but  to what purpose? Is there anything aftermarket that clips straight on?

    The KTM special parts list and catalogues are brilliant. By contrast the Husqvarna effort seems feeble and poorly thought out.  Disappointing and and a big let down for what is a brilliant little bike . Or am I missing something?



    I agree with you that the Husqvarna accessories catalogue is not as well thought out as the KTM Powerparts catalogue.

    I bought the rear bag for my 401, what a waste of money. Very small, fiddly, too many straps, no quick release clips, poorly thought out. And worse of all it slowly works it’s way off the back of the seat until it’s obscuring the rear light. Quite dangerous I reckon, and it does this no matter how tight I do up the 4 fiddly straps. In the end I took it off the bike and now I use a backpack instead. A real disappointment. Makes me wonder if the people who designed it ever actually tried to use it in anger?


    I have the Vitpilen and I put the Svartpilen tank rack on to hold a bag.

    The bag is the Givi XS310 and I use one ROK Commuter strap to hold it on. Never moves.

    I use that bag on all my bikes. The most versatile bag I own.


    There are two different tank bags one (SKU: 28012919044)  involves adding 3 metal plates to the Svartpilen tank rack and the other (SKU: 28512919044) includes a larger plate for the Vitpilen or to replace the rack on the Svartpilen. The bags are held on with Magnets. Hope that helps.


    Thanks all. Where do KTM list the sizes of these bags? What are they thinking? Do they monitor this forum to see our frustration?  They got the bike right 100% .   Time to think about the back up.


    and then there’s the bag itself only, without any accessories.
    does it mean this bag can’t be secured onto the Svart since it doesnt come with the metal plates?

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