T3 made some 401 and 701 Keychains

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    Techno Toy Tuning is a small manufacturing company in Northern California specializing in making parts for niche market cars and now motorcycles!

    I’ve been in love with the Vitpilen and Svartpilen since I saw the concepts back in 2014. Finally it was time to pick one of each up so we could start development on them. We are still playing with the bikes to see what we want to make first (maybe things to bring it closer to the concept bike?)

    But for now, we’ve made up a couple little keychain bottle openers just for kicks! Wouldn’t want to use them on the bike of course, but for a little reminder while driving your “other” vehicle, or opening your favorite beer or soda..here you go!

    These are made from precision laser cut stainless and tumbled to provide burr free finish and to make them smoother in the hand. Keyring can be mounted either end, has a bottle opener, and pocket clip built in. For those folks that have adjustable Koni’s on their car, it’ll also adjust those!

    $15 plus shipping. We ship worldwide.

    If you’d like one of these silly little things , drop us an e-mail at info@technotoytuning.com or message us here.

    401 701 Keychain

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