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    rod frost

    Has anyone ordered from T-Rex Racing?     https://www.t-rex-racing.com/category-s/1907.htm

    check out the skid plate…


    It looks hefty. I like it. I used the AS3 version for the Duke 390, but this Trex looks beefier and mounts better.


    Did the AS3 skid plate bolt on? I’m not a fan of the T-Rex one and am looking to replace the stock plastic item.



    I used the AS3 for the Duke on my Svart. It wasn’t a straight bolt on. I had to bend the front mounting bracket a little. Otherwise, it fits great. I like the looks of this T-Rex though. It snugs the engine a little better.


    I ordered their crash bars, front fork protectors and radiator guard. They were all pretty damn good and installed with minimal fussing about.

    The crash bars are pretty beefy. I picked them because they stuck out wide enough to hit first before any engine component, or my legs in a sideswipe. The lower crossbar on the guard is wide enough that I can rest my feet on it without touching the exhaust or radiator.


    Which means the skid plate is somewhere between 3 or 4 metres wide and you could easily mount it upside down for tilling the frozen soil of the harsh Uzbek mountains before the grain needs to be planted.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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